State of Salesforce DevOps 2023: Have Your Say

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If you’ve never heard of the State of Salesforce DevOps survey, now is a great time to learn. A record number of you took part in last year’s survey, giving great insight into DevOps practices across the Salesforce ecosystem. And now, Gearset’s State of Salesforce DevOps survey is back and bigger than ever!

Take part in this year’s survey to uncover trends and discover how Salesforce teams are approaching their release management and adoption of DevOps. 

Why Should You Take Part?

DevOps has rapidly become a hot topic in the Salesforce world, with teams realizing they need to adopt DevOps practices or risk getting left behind. The 2023 report will take all the findings from the survey and compile them into a comprehensive analysis of the current state of play across the whole ecosystem. The report will also show what’s in store over the next 12 months and give teams insights to help them succeed in their DevOps journey.

Taking part in the survey not only means that you’ll be contributing to the State of Salesforce DevOps 2023 report –you’ll also be in with the chance to win a $1000 Amazon gift card.

What Did Last Year’s Report Find?

Thanks to the 1,062 Salesforce professionals from around the world who took part in the survey last year, we were able to gain hugely valuable insights into the changing ecosystem. Results from the last survey helped us put together the State of Salesforce DevOps 2022 report.

Here are the four key findings from last year:

  • Salesforce teams want to crack CI/CD

The 2022 survey found that the vast majority of Salesforce teams (82%) really want to adopt source-driven, automated workflows for development and releases. Most have already adopted source control, but fewer teams have successfully made the transition to CI/CD. Will more teams have implemented automation over the last year?

  • Salesforce orgs are at risk of data loss

More than 50% of companies suffered data and metadata loss incidents last year, but many teams continue to have no meaningful way of protecting their business data or their investment in Salesforce configurations. Will this have changed for 2023?

  • The scale of DevOps ROI is increasing

When asked whether DevOps has increased Salesforce ROI, 85% of last year’s respondents said yes. Only a tiny percentage (3%) of teams said they had adopted DevOps but didn’t believe it had increased their Salesforce ROI. 

  • Collaboration is key for DevOps

Salesforce teams understand that collaboration is at the core of DevOps culture. When asked about the most valuable benefits of DevOps, 93% cite collaboration. How will the culture of DevOps have shifted over the course of 2022?

To look back over all of the trends and analysis of DevOps over the last year, download the State of Salesforce 2022 report.

What’s Next?

Be sure to get involved before the 2023 survey closes in January, and don’t forget to share the survey across your network and encourage others to get involved as well. The more teams involved, the greater understanding we can share about the impact of Salesforce DevOps and what the future might look like.

You can take the 2023 State of Salesforce DevOps survey here

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