Salesforce DevOps Trends Taking 2023 by Storm

By Holly Bracewell

The leading report on Salesforce DevOps is now live, showcasing the latest devops trends and offering a comprehensive look at the evolving landscape! It’s full of trends and performance data that can help Salesforce teams make the most of DevOps this year. 

Let’s take a look at some of the report’s key findings, including the challenges and opportunities faced by DevOps professionals in 2023 (and beyond!). 

What Is the State of Salesforce DevOps Report?

The State of Salesforce DevOps is an annual report that showcases the latest DevOps trends across the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Based on Gearset’s survey of thousands of Salesforce professionals, the report builds a picture of how teams are performing, what DevOps practices they’re using, and what challenges they face in 2023.

Here are some of the key trends the report has uncovered…

DevOps Delivers Reliable ROI

Adoption of DevOps is set to continue rising in every area of the ecosystem. Even more teams say that DevOps is now fundamental to staying competitive and getting maximum return from their investment in Salesforce. 

A staggering 98% of teams report a return on investment from adopting Salesforce DevOps, with the majority of teams seeing a $10K return each month.

By accelerating digital transformation, DevOps helps businesses to reduce costs, generate new opportunities, and get more out of Salesforce.

Teams Are Turning to Automation to Accelerate Delivery

Before adopting automation, it’s important that teams have a strong foundation of fast, reliable deployments and a robust, source-driven workflow. A substantial number of teams now recognize that automation will accelerate their delivery. In fact, 83% of teams are currently using – or planning to use – CI/CD this year.

Data Protection Is a High Priority

More teams are realizing that having a backup tool in place is not enough to safeguard their business critical data. Without a robust disaster recovery plan in place, teams are left scrambling when data disasters strike, which can lead to a long and less successful recovery process. 

Thankfully, the majority of teams now have a plan in place, which means they can confidently recover business critical data and keep downtime to a minimum.

Challenges and Opportunities for 2023

Creating a DevOps Culture 

Successfully adopting DevOps is about more than tools and processes. For a whole team to be truly on board with DevOps, there needs to be a cultural shift towards collaboration and everyone needs to be bought into the transition. In fact, the respondents who reported releasing the most frequently were also those who rated their collaboration as “Excellent” or “Great”.

Without collaboration and buy-in, DevOps maturity often stalls early on.

Demand on Salesforce Teams Has Increased

Dependence on Salesforce has increased over the past year, with 98% of businesses saying Salesforce is vital for achieving business goals. This means that teams are now working with more packages and clouds than ever before, while supporting significantly more end users. As business dependence has grown, so has the demand placed on Salesforce teams.

Final Thoughts

So, how does your team stack up? Download the full report for in-depth analysis, performance statistics, and commentary from industry leaders. 

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Holly Bracewell

Holly is a Technical Author for Gearset, the leading DevOps solution for Salesforce.

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