Salesforce Wave is Verticalising

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We can see through the array of vertical-specific applications, solutions and messaging, that verticalising has been a long-term strategy of Salesforce’s. Now that they’re cosy with every vertical, in FY17 there was a real push to extend specialisation into their ISV and SI network.
It is a well-known truth that industries have differing CRM needs to the next – and this truth could not apply more heavily than in analytics.

Wave (AKA Analytics Cloud) is a “analytics discovery platform…connecting data from multiple sources” where users can “visualise complex KPIs” Hence why Salesforce kicked-off this month by announcing that Wave now has a play in every industry – and how have they done this? By leveraging their partner network.

19 apps have been released in one swoop by various ISVs that have been developed for particular industries and business needs. Below are some examples:

eCommAnalytics (Retail) – eCommerce
ehCOS (Healthcare) – social care
QualSee (Manufacturing) – quality control
Mavenlink Wave (Professional Services)
FinancialForce Wave for PSA (Professional Services) – billing forecasts, backlog visibility.

There are also some that aren’t vertical explicit, but still a wise idea to check out these rising stars of AppEx:

Idio – marketing intelligence.
SpringML Lighthouse – forecasting accuracy, opportunity prioritisation.
Keatext – customer satisfaction surveys.
Hilo – enrich pipeline analytics with ERP data.
Cloudaware Surge – cloud infrastructure spending (supports AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine)
Sustainability Insight – sustainability analytics eg. energy consumption, carbon footprint etc.

In the age of a Big Data overload, it’s time to make sure that we are utilising data in ways that are the most relevant for our industry. Staying ahead of the curve is key, and you don’t want to be blind to what your data is trying to tell you, but doesn’t have the words to say. Wave is the voice of reason.

List of results can be found here

*source: Salesforce product information found on their product website.

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