Salesforce Unveil Business Analyst Certification

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Salesforce have announced that the Business Analyst certification will be available for registration from July 11, 2022.

The Business Analyst cert has been a long-term rumor which was confirmed at TrailblazerDX, back in April 2022. In this guide, we will look at the need for the BA certification, the exam content, and the reason why this is one of the most anticipated certs in recent memory.

Why Business Analysts?

Over the past five years or so, Salesforce have been releasing certifications to cater for the large number of roles that have grown organically in the ecosystem.

This includes everything from Platform App Builder (for the declarative amongst us), to JavaScript Developer I (for those developing in Lightning), to the more recent User Experience and Strategy Designers (for those building amazing user experiences using the Lightning Platform).

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Whilst some of the most common roles in the Salesforce ecosystem include admins, consultants, and developers, business analysts follow closely behind. They play a key role in end users and consultancies, helping to bridge the gap between the business and the technical systems.

The Salesforce Business Analyst cert will help BAs currently ‘in the job’ to prove their knowledge to the community and future employers. It will also provide a framework, as well as structured learning and career path for those wishing to become business analysts in the future.

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

The Salesforce Business Analyst Certification follows a similar pattern to most Salesforce exams. Here are a few of the key areas you need to understand:

  • There are 60 multiple-choice questions to be completed within a 105-minute time allocation.
  • The pass score is 72%*
  • The Salesforce Certified Administrator certification is a prerequisite for taking this exam.
  • The registration fee for the exam is $200.
  • You should have a minimum of two years’ business analyst experience and two years’ Salesforce platform experience.

Note: The passing score was originally 62%. We recommend you refer to the official exam guide in case there are further updates.

As you would expect, this certification is heavily focussed around driving business improvement through technology, whilst collaborating with stakeholders across the business. You can get a sense of the different sections from the official Salesforce exam outline:

  • Customer Discovery
  • Collaboration with Stakeholders
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Requirements
  • User Stories
  • User Acceptance

One aspect that is very obvious when you read through the official exam guide, is that Salesforce is mentioned only a handful of times. Whilst we will have to wait for a month or so to find out how the exam is structured, it looks like the vast majority of content will be focused around the business analyst role in isolation.

Next Steps

With all the buzz on social media right now, it’s a great job that Salesforce has provided multiple resources for those looking to take the exam, including:

This is plenty of material to sink your teeth into over the next few weeks until registration for the exam opens up on July 11th.

What are your thoughts on the exam? Let us know in the comments below…

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