5 Salesforce Telephony Features to Wow Your Users

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There are a handful of elements that can be a serious gamechanger to Salesforce implementations – one of these is integrating your telephony system into Salesforce. This relatively simple idea produces some amazing results that supercharge your user productivity.

I recently received a few licenses from RingCentral to test out their new WebRTC telephony integration with Salesforce. Their product is a great example of some of the latest tech when it comes to Salesforce and Telephony, serving as a fantastic basis for this article. Let’s dive into some of my favorite telephony features for Salesforce.

1. Be Remote Ready with In-App Calling

Gone are the days of having to be present at your desk to do your work. If the past year has proven anything, it’s that remote working is here to stay. 

Integrating Telephony with Salesforce provides one easy interface to access your CRM data, alongside your digital telephone. This means wherever you are working, you have the ability to make and receive calls directly from within Salesforce.

2. Click-to-dial

This nifty feature needs no introduction, but for many Salesforce implementations, it can vastly improve the way users view Salesforce. With telephony natively plugged into Salesforce, calling a client is only a click of a button away. 

Over time, this translates into a boost in productivity, and ultimately, meaningful conversations with clients.

3. Screen Pop 

Based on my experience with Salesforce implementations, this telephony feature is the one that gets most people excited. 

Imagine you are sitting at your desk and your phone rings. Before you have even picked up the phone, RingCentral has searched Salesforce and surfaced the corresponding customer account. You can see the customers open opportunities, cases, and any other related information.

With this simple but effective feature, you are not only saving time but providing your users with the context to facilitate a superior customer experience.

4. Call Logging & Recording

Performing CRM Admin tasks is the bane of any Salesforce users’ life. However, updating CRM records is imperative to business insights, so making it as easy as possible is vital. 

Luckily with Telephony integrations such as RingCentral’s, calls are automatically logged, plus a recording of the call is attached to the record, if required. This saves a huge amount of time, especially when you consider that collectively across multiple users. Rest assured that 100% of calls are being logged.

5. Report on Everything

For many Salesforce users, the ability to create intuitive, powerful reports is one of the best features of Salesforce.

When you have your telephony natively integrated into Salesforce, all call data is stored in Salesforce. Why is this a big deal? You are equipped to easily create reports, or add components to a dashboard highlighting specific telephony metrics, includes KPIs such as the number of calls made, or average call length time.


Telephony integration with Salesforce, such as RingCentral’s latest product release, has the potential to maximise your users’ productivity on Salesforce. The features mentioned are so simple, but have a huge compounded impact over time. 

Users should always be at the heart of the decisions you are making on the platform.

I’d like to thank RingCentral for providing me with these licenses to play around with, and I would recommend anyone interested in Telephony to check out their website for more information. 

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