Salesforce Launch UE+ Edition to Simplify Product Suite

By Andreea Doroftei

With another Dreamforce event under their belt, Salesforce have had a busy 2023! They have demonstrated a commitment to customers’ data security (Einstein Trust Layer) as they navigate the waters of generative AI. And they have also launched custom tailored products such as Einstein Copilot to help all businesses enhance their users’ AI journey – all while ensuring they adapt their offerings accordingly.

Let’s explore the newest Sales Cloud edition and how it compares to those already out there, as well as what makes it stand apart.

Sales Cloud Editions

If you expected Sales Cloud to stall at four options, at least for a while after the launch of the competitively priced Starter just a few months ago, you’ll be in for a surprise!

Salesforce is committed to offering complete solutions in all of the editions, depending on your company’s current and potential future needs. As you continue to upgrade and expand the Salesforce use case, there are more and more features to try – it’s likely that you’ll end up using these sooner rather than later.

Sales Cloud Unlimited+, which you will discover below, is the newest addition to these options. It includes products that would potentially cost much more if you purchased them separately rather than in this combination. As such, not only does it become simpler to tap into various Salesforce products with a single purchase, but it may also end up being a better deal than continuing to treat them as separate add-ons and products.

Source: Dreamforce ‘23 Sales Keynote

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One Edition to Rule Them All…

Of all available Sales Cloud editions, Salesforce has indeed gone above and beyond with Unlimited+. Unlike any other combination, Sales Cloud Unlimited+ doesn’t offer only Salesforce products be them core or otherwise, but also Slack.

Ultimately, when it comes to your Sales teams, be them operations, BDRs, Sales Managers or even AVPs, all needs are covered: they can seamlessly interact with and progress their prospects using core Salesforce functionality and built-in AI, have emails and meetings scheduled and automatically synced through Inbox and Einstein Activity capture, receive meaningful training on changes within the org with custom Walkthroughs, plan and accurately forecast on their pipeline with Sales Planning and Revenue Intelligence. While these are only a few of the available features, you get the point – the teams will ultimately be able to focus on what they do best, closing deals in record speed while maximizing the customer experience.

For Salesforce professionals on the other hand, the Unlimited+ edition provides access to previously separate products which are sure to take part in resolving tricky business requirements without having to spend the time and resources on custom solutions, since most of it will now be available out of the box – it’s all about making use of what’s already there.

Consolidated Pricing

Of course, it’s great having dozens of features included under the Unlimited+ umbrella, but what about the cost? While reading this post, you are most likely wondering if it’s worth it, but as the list price is already available, you can absolutely be the judge of that.

According to the Sales Cloud pricing page, Unlimited+ is currently the most expensive of the available editions, available at $500/user/month.

At the time of writing, Unlimited Edition sits at $300/user/month and is fully included in the Unlimited+ Edition, while – for example – Revenue Intelligence costs $220/user/month as a standalone product. The total is already a bit over the Unlimited+ list price.

Overall, the main advantage of opting for an offering like Unlimited+ is the option to consolidate different technologies (which are still being sold as individual Salesforce products) under one integrated license fee.

Final Thoughts

Sales Cloud editions (as well as the grouped suite offerings Salesforce currently has on the market) are sure to satisfy both small businesses looking to enhance their new sales processes, and the most complex organizations with established ways of working.

Considering the array of products included, it may be difficult to provide a trial for the new Unlimited+ Edition. However, Salesforce does offer 30-day trials for the other options, so feel free to explore the one that interests you the most or reach out to Salesforce for further details.

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Andreea is a Salesforce Technical Instructor at Salesforce Ben. She is an 18x certified Salesforce Professional with a passion for User Experience and Automation. 

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