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Salesforce Deepens Partnership to Deliver Custom AI Strategies, Generative AI Use Cases, and Upskilling  

By Lucy Mazalon

The power of generative AI and its potential to improve employee productivity and customer experiences has been a hot topic for months. With the introduction of Einstein GPT, the Salesforce platform is an example of technology that’s fully embracing generative AI.

Now, Salesforce is facing some age-old challenges: firstly, how can it ensure that customers receive the bespoke support services required to adopt generative AI? And secondly, how can it close yet another skills gap in the talent pool?

Senior IT leaders are asking: With this technology being so new, how do businesses unlock its full potential and ensure they’re implementing it efficiently, responsibly, and effectively? According to a recent Salesforce survey, 84% of senior IT leaders say generative AI will help their organizations better serve their customers – more than half are now prioritizing generative AI for their business needs.

By deepening an existing partnership with global consulting firm, Accenture, Salesforce hopes to tackle these big questions and provide companies with the technology, as well as the expertise they need to take advantage of generative AI. 

Acceleration Hub for Generative AI

In supporting organizations in accelerating and scaling generative AI for CRM, Accenture brings decades of experience in AI, data, and – of course – CRM to the table 

There are plans to create an ‘acceleration hub’ for generative AI, giving customers the tools and expertise they need to scale Einstein GPT around four focal areas:

  1. Custom AI strategies: Senior leaders from Salesforce and Accenture will work together with Salesforce customers to develop customized AI strategies using new accelerators for Einstein GPT, user interfaces, and process automation. 
  2. Innovative industry use cases: Salesforce have seen great success in bringing verticalized product offerings to the market and adopting their sales strategy. Industry specific use cases should help organizations reach a return on investment (ROI) faster. Initially, these use cases will be focused on sales and service, for organizations in financial services, health, manufacturing, and the public sector.
  3. Leverage Salesforce Data Cloud: Data Cloud (formerly Genie) can be leveraged to enable generative AI to learn from customer data, and as a result, create more personalized experiences for customers, faster. 
  4. Generative AI upskill: Salesforce and Accenture plan to develop learning resources to help teams develop and enhance their generative AI skills, fostering the next generation of talent within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Final Thoughts

The power of generative AI promises great scope for improving employee productivity and customer experiences. To support organizations in harnessing its full potential, Salesforce and Accenture have plans to team up to provide bespoke support services for adopting generative AI, and to close yet another skills gap in the talent pool. 

The Author

Lucy Mazalon

Lucy is the Operations Director at Salesforce Ben. She is a 10x certified Marketing Champion and founder of The DRIP.

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