Salesforce Acquires Twin Prime: App Performance Machine Learning Engine

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Salesforce have just completed their 10th acquisition of the year which will most likely round off their 2016 spending spree. The company in question is twinprime, a company that accelerates the use of mobile applications by using a machine learning engine to measure and monitor app performance.

The announcement was made via twinprime’s blog earlier today by the CEO & Founder, Kartik Chandrayana.

“With Salesforce’s global footprint and scale, we see this as a great opportunity to take our product to the next level and boost the user experience for every Salesforce customer in the world. Looking ahead, we’ll help optimize Salesforce’s global connectivity and network performance through machine learning for all Salesforce clouds and services. The team and I are thrilled to join the world’s #1 CRM company, once the transaction closes.”

According to Business Insider, Financial Details about the deal have not been disclosed yet, but the sum probably won’t match previous buys this year. Twinprime have raised $11.5 million this year so far and according to Pitchbook, were last valued at around $25 million.

Kartik has not given away a huge amount of information about the exact details of the acquisition but it is certainly inline with other machine learning and data driven company buys this year. The acquisition could be as simple as Salesforce using twinprimes solution and expertise internally, to monitor and improve their own set of mobile Apps, including Salesforce1 & SalesforceA. Or could Salesforce be looking to integrate twinprime into the new Einstein product? Giving users access to the twinprime platform to allow them to monitor their own Apps built with the Salesforce Mobile SDK. Check out more about twinprime below..

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