Pardot Specialist

Mock Exam Questions


The credential for day-to-day Pardot mastery.

A feature-focused credential, including lead scoring, email marketing, and lead generation.

  • 60 Multiple Choice Questions,
  • 90-minute time limit (105 in the real exam),
  • If a checkbox is present, more than one answer is required,
  • 68% is the official passing score.
The exam will test your knowledge on:
    • The Prospect lifecycle: visitors vs. prospects, plus Prospect Audits,
    • Relationship between Pardot and Salesforce,
    • Emails: vs. Email Templates, and reporting metrics (Engagement History),
    • Pardot forms & landing pages: use cases and reporting metrics (Engagement History),
    • Lists and differences between both types,
    • Engagement Studio: components, how to update a program,
    • Scoring and Grading,
    • Automation: completion actions, segmentation rules, page actions, custom redirects,
    • B2B Marketing Analytics: interpret standard dashboards.
    • Pardot Einstein: feature overview, vs. standard Pardot score.
    • Pardot fields: create, edit, and map to Salesforce fields,
    • Pardot Recycle Bin.