New from MuleSoft: Anypoint Code Builder, Universal API Management

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MuleSoft is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that Salesforce acquired half a decade ago. They placed their bets correctly – as time has passed, most organizations are looking to integrate the ever-growing number of platforms into their tech stack.

Anypoint Platform innovations, MuleSoft’s main product offering, will be showcased at Trailblazer DX ‘22, themed as “the Salesforce Developer conference” – it aims to boost pro-code productivity by transforming the developer experience.

In parallel, the aim is to empower more individuals across the business to integrate themselves; with the rise in developer burnout, MuleSoft recognizes that low-code individuals can leverage composable building blocks so that developers don’t have to shoulder all integration work.

  • Anypoint Code Builder (a new IDE)
  • Anypoint Flex Gateway
  • Anypoint API Governance

Anypoint Code Builder

A new integrated development environment (IDE) to create APIs and integrations.

Developers are spending too long switching between the tools at their disposal; instead, they want a single developer environment where integration design, development, and deployment can happen.

Built from the ground up, Anypoint Code Builder focuses on productivity, ease of use, and developer experience that uses modern, open-source VS Code that is familiar to almost all Salesforce Developers.

Built-in recommendations will help developers get started faster at design time, and follow development best practices with access to a library of building blocks for common API and integration patterns.

Shaun Clowes, MuleSoft’s CPO, shared the vision for Anypoint Code Builder to become the #1 IDE for APIs and integrations.

Universal API Management

In addition to the modernized IDE, Universal API Management is the other theme MuleSoft is pioneering.

Building APIs effectively is one part of the challenge – sharing APIs is the other part. Sharing APIs is key to empowering more individuals across the business to integrate themselves and alleviate pressures from development teams.

“In the race to automate, most organizations produce APIs at a rate that outpaces their ability to manage them”, explained Shaun Clowes (CPO, MuleSoft). “Different teams will often have their own tech stack, their own silos. With so many new and ongoing initiatives, engineering leaders have tough challenges to manage API sprawl.”

Even if an organization does have an API inventory (which is rare), maintaining security across those APIs is difficult, especially when the APIs are across different gateways, consoles, and platforms. This is where Universal API Management, MuleSoft’s pioneering new approach, comes into play.

Anypoint Flex Gateway

Ultra-fast, lightweight gateway, that provided enterprise security and manageability across any API, environment, or architecture.

Anypoint API Governance

Ensures that all APIs your organization builds and deploys comply with security regulations, industry standards, and internal design standards. Organizations can do this without any additional overhead in their development processes. This paves the way for sharing APIs to be used across the organization with peace of mind.

Low-Code Building Blocks

With the rise in developer burnout, MuleSoft recognizes that low-code individuals can leverage composable building blocks so that developers don’t have to shoulder all integration work.

All these composable building blocks (APIs) can be shared in Flow, for low-code professionals (such as Salesforce Admins) to use.

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These MuleSoft innovations will be showcased at Trailblazer DX ‘22 – “the Salesforce Developer conference”. Innovations that create and unify developer experiences across Salesforce, MuleSoft, Slack, and Tableau will be unveiled. Check out the schedule here and join the free event stream.

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