Networking like a Pro – How to Build Your Salesforce Career (Webinar)

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You have probably heard the phrase “your network is your net worth,” but are you using yours to its full potential? Building a career in Salesforce and growing your network successfully are skills most people have to discover through trial and error. With Dreamforce right around the corner, we want to help you be successful faster by sharing some exclusive insights into the Salesforce ecosystem. We’ve teamed up with Salesforce MVP, Stephanie Herrera, who has gone from zero tech experience to the Global VP of technology at Computer Futures and has made it her mission to help pull others up the Salesforce ladder.

Check out the webinar Q&A here and learn ways to best navigate the Salesforce ecosystem for career growth.

Stephanie’s story is one of a true trailblazer. She started out over a decade ago with no technological background and in only a few short years had built a career as Global VP of technology for various companies. She credits her own success to her encouraging mentors and powerful community and as a way to give back, she founded Salesforce Saturday in 2015. Her mission is to help train and guide others through their own trial and error periods, but to help them speed up success with the right mindset and support.

Along with being the founder and leader of global Salesforce Saturdays, Stephanie is also a critical part of the Merivis and PepUp Tech groups. Join Computer Futures for this exclusive webinar that sits down with Stephanie as she shares her exclusive insights with the Salesforce community about ways to expand your network and continue to find ways to grow in your career.

Whether you’ve got questions on salary negotiation, interviews, or networking, this is your chance to get the answers that could help take your career to the next level.

For Stephanie, building communities within Salesforce is super important. She’s also excited to help educate businesses on the best ways to guide Salesforce talent through the ecosystem – ensuring they understand the importance of career development, investment in talent, and lowering the barrier of entry.

The most successful people didn’t get there by themselves; they had help in the form of mentors and opportunities. Join the conversation and ask your Salesforce and Dreamforce questions to our Salesforce MVP, Stephanie Herrera, for these insider insights you don’t want to miss!

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