Key Customer Case Notification

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So as mentioned in my post 8 Essential Service Cloud Workflows using a Key account field coupled with various workflows can bring real benefit to your business. The principal behind it is that you can mark accounts that may need particular attention because of various reasons, it could be revenue, status or any other reasons you can think of. So to start obviously were going to need a new field, here’s an example of a simple checkbox field you can use.Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 17.24.10

If you want to get clever you could automate a checkbox formula field and add all your parameters in there. Either way all we are looking for here is a way to recognise which accounts are key and which are not. Below is a simple one that recognises all accounts with an Annual Revenue of $100,000 or more as being Key.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 17.30.31

Notify if Key Account Case is opened

So some more experienced Salesforce Admins will realise that this is an extremely simple workflow to carry out, but for those who are less experienced or just starting out I will detail the steps needed to create a workflow that notifies particular parties within an organisation when a Key Account Case is opened.

  • Click on Setup | Create | Workflows & Approvals | Workflow Rules
  • Click on New Rule
  • Select Case as the Workflow Object
  • Name your Rule and give it a description
  • Evaluation Criteria should be set as created
  • As this is a nice and simple workflow we can leave the simple editor in place and select our Account: Key Account field, Operator as Equals and Value as True.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 17.52.03


Part 1 is done! Next comes the fun bit of adding everyone we wish to notify. On my previous post I talked about preferring to let people know by Email as Tasks can be a bit hit and miss.

  • Click Next to finish off the Workflow Rule
  • Click Workflow Action and add a New Email Alert
  • Here you can add your preferred email template and include all the information that you believe necessary.
  • You can also add all the people you feel need to be notified by this maybe its the Support Manager? Support Team Leader? Account Manager?
  • After you have selected the template and users click save and Done
  • Just remember to activate the Workflow and it will be in full swing!

Hope this helped!

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