What Could the Future of Account-based Marketing (ABM) Look Like?

By Jeff Ostenson

These days, having an ABX (account-based experience) strategy has become table stakes for B2B companies.

ABX means having a pinpoint focus on the experience of your target accounts across every aspect of your go-to-market team: from Marketing, to Sales, to Customer Success. Demand gen leaders are wholly reliant on their Salesforce data to provide seamless customer experiences across all of their digital channels.

Pardot is the foundation for your ABX strategy

As the best marketing automation platform on the market, Pardot is the tip of your go-to-market spear. Marketers use Pardot to segment their target account contacts into audiences, launch nurture campaigns (driving these contacts to their website), and then score their engagement behavior while on the site. This engagement score is rolled up to the account level so that you may see the overall engagement activity for your target accounts within B2B Marketing Analytics.

To build the best ABX possible, we have to customize the experience throughout the entire target account’s buying journey. Enter: conversational sales and marketing.

Hyper-intelligent, conversational websites from Sales Cloud data

Qualified is the world’s first native conversational solution built exclusively on the Salesforce platform. Qualified’s Xforce data layer automatically traverses all of the hundreds of thousands of individual data points within your Sales Cloud instance in order to drive hyper-intelligent conversational programs directly on your website.

When a target account lands on your website, Qualified is able to automatically detect their identity, serve up a personalized greeting, and simultaneously alert the account rep to their digital presence. This immediate connection skyrockets your conversion rates and provides your top-tier accounts with a seamless customer experience.

Through the platform, reps can also upgrade the conversation to a phone call and book meetings with Qualified’s integrated meeting booker—with every touch point syncing back to Salesforce and Pardot.

Lastly, this conversational engagement is connected to the Salesforce campaign object, allowing full attribution reporting within B2B Marketing Analytics.

Qualified + Pardot = a dream ABX experience.

By using both Pardot and Qualified together, today’s marketers can provide their target ABX accounts with a seamless customer experience across their entire buyer’s journey. To learn more about the Qualified Xforce platform, head over to Qualified+ for a demo.

The Author

Jeff Ostenson

Jeff is the Lead Solutions Engineer at Qualified. 8+ Years of B2B & B2C Marketing and Sales Software Experience.

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