Einstein for Pardot is Here !

Just a few days ago Salesforce announced Einstein-powered AI features for Pardot! This is great timing for an announcement, increasing interest and build up to Dreamforce.

Over 60% of high performing sales teams believe that AI will extend their selling capabilities and overall making them more effective at what they do.

The essence of the announcement is an automation tool that allows marketing and sales teams to track leads and create, deploy, manage, and audit email, social media, and paid marketing campaigns. This will all be supported by Einstein in the near future.

According to Salesforce, this will help sales teams liaise with their marketing counterparts in a more effective way. Adam Blitzer, EVP & GM of Sales Cloud at Salesforce said: “Automation, integration, and speed are essential to business success in the fourth industrial revolution,” (…) “We’re providing our customers with a comprehensive and unparalleled lead-to-cash platform.” An interesting fact is that Adam is the co-founder of Pardot.

There is 2 parts of the feature announcements:

  1. Einstein Campaign Insights- With the use of machine learning, Einstein will work to generate subject line and content recommendations from emails where engagement levels are high.
  1. Einstein Behavior Scoring- This feature identifies sales prospects most likely to convert based on how they interact with campaign emails and website actions.

Right now, both items are on beta and we should be expecting them released generally available in Feb 2019.

If you want to find out more what’s on this year’ Dreamforce 2018 for B2B Marketers, check this out: https://www.pardot.com/dreamforce18/

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