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Do You Know What’s on Salesforce’s AI Roadmap?

By Christine Marshall

Following the plethora of exciting AI announcements at Dreamforce, we know there is a ton of exciting AI innovation just around the corner. But with so much to look forward to, how can we stay on top of what’s coming, and when? 

Enter Salesforce Product Roadmaps: the key to ongoing awareness of what’s planned and when features will be rolled out. 

What Are Salesforce Product Roadmaps?

Product roadmaps are published by Salesforce to outline future features. Roadmaps can be filtered by product area, and are displayed as a table on the architect.salesforce.com site. The table provides an easy-to-understand overview, outlining the feature, the expected delivery date, and the release status value.

“What’s a release status value?” I hear you ask! Great question. Salesforce uses release status values that are common across software development industries. Each status indicates what phase of development a feature is in and how close each innovation is to become a reality.

What Does “Pilot” Mean?

Pilot is the first phase of public testing, involving a small sample of customers, who have opted in/been nominated and are a good fit to test drive the functionality.

What Does “Beta” Mean?

Beta is the second phase of public testing, this time to a wider, unrestricted sample of customers. Beta features come with a disclaimer that functionality may change between now and general availability – plus, they are typically unsupported or given very limited support.

What Does “General Availability (GA)” Mean?

General Availability (GA) means that the feature has been formally released. This happens by its inclusion in a Salesforce release cycle (Spring, Summer, Winter). Support will be available, as technical support teams have been briefed on the functionality.

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What’s on the Salesforce AI Roadmap?

There are currently six Einstein (AI) features on the product roadmap:

  • Bring Your Own LLM in Model Builder: Bring your own LMM or API Key with zero-ETL fine tuning on Data Cloud. Azure OpenAI Service now supported – for all Salesforce editions.
  • Einstein Copilot: Conversational AI that knows your business and can take action – for all Salesforce editions.
  • Einstein Copilot Builder: Customize Einstein with a suite of low-code tools for creating prompts, skills, and AI models – for all Salesforce editions.
  • Einstein for Flow: Generate flows using natural language prompts – for all Salesforce editions.
  • Einstein Trust Layer Enhancements: Advanced prompt masking, toxicity detection, and AI governance – for orgs with Einstein GPT SKUs.
  • Prompt Builder: A familiar low-code builder for prompt engineering across Salesforce – for all Salesforce editions.

You can dive into the details by expanding each feature.

Bookmark the roadmap to stay in the know about new future features and any changes to their due date. 

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If you’re interested in even more future features, check out this article about True to the Core at Dreamforce ‘23. True to the Core is an open forum where community members get to ask their burning questions and the Salesforce team gives super honest answers!

These sessions could be described as an “ask me anything” to Salesforce executives and product managers, where the audience can ask even the thorniest questions and get a transparent response. True to the Core is designed to connect Trailblazers with the product teams making decisions about the direction a product is going.

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Christine Marshall

Christine is the Courses Director at Salesforce Ben. She is an 11x certified Salesforce MVP and leads the Bristol Admin User Group.

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