Earn Trailhead Badges, Win Prizes!

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Calling all Trailblazers, something amazing has happened!

If you already didn’t have a good enough reason to learn all about Salesforce, and have fun whilst doing it, now you can win prizes! After writing about Traiihead being a fantastic new years resolutions last week, I received an email that has just motivated me, and I’m sure many others a lot more! From the 9th of January for a limited period, you can now win cool prizes whilst earning badges using the Trailhead platform. With some recently released Trailhead ranks you will be entered into a draw depending on the highest rank you can attain during the one month period. The ranks given are achieved depending on the amount of points or badges you collect, and the higher rank you have, the bigger and better prize draws you will be entered into!


The prizes get more exciting the higher rank you can achieve during the one month period. You can only be entered into one rank prize draw, so if you are motivated enough to achieve the Ranger rank, you will only be entered for this prize. The prizes and quantities are below..

Hiker – $25 Gift Card (50)

Explorer – Tile Mate Finder 4-Pack (25)

Adventurer – Phillips Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation (10)

Mountaineer – Fitbit Surge (10)

Expeditioner – Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones (10)

Ranger – $1000 Gift Card (10)

Read all about this sweepstake and more about how to win some of these cool prizes here

Good luck, and may the Trail be with you.

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