Copado Launches DevOps Mentorship Program

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DevOps is truly taking over in 2021. With Salesforce becoming more of a business-critical system than ever, we are moving towards a place where most implementations could be using a 3rd party DevOps tool.

If you share a similar view, it’s maybe time to start learning about Salesforce DevOps. This kind of knowledge has the potential to accelerate your future career prospects by getting ahead of the curve.

Copado Mentorship Program

If you haven’t heard of Copado, they are one of the ISV’s innovating in the DevOps space. They have a native Salesforce App that helps companies develop faster, with less errors, moving towards a world of CI/CD (Continuous Integration).

They were also the first 3rd party company to launch their own Trailhead modules on Trailhead (check it out here).

The Copado Mentorship Program launches next week with a kick-off webinar on the 15th of February. The event will cover the following…

  • Learn about the goals of the mentorship program
  • Sign up to become a mentor or mentee
  • Hear from a variety of special guests talk about mentorship, giving back to the community, success stories, and careers in the DevOps space.
  • Sign up today!

I will be speaking on mentorship and giving back to the community at the kick off event, so I’ll see you there!

One thought on “Copado Launches DevOps Mentorship Program

  1. Finished the webinar. A bit lite on specifics and alot of marketing talk. Anyhow, the program itself seems good enough I guess. Just felt you could have done the webinar in 5 mins yt video and I would have gotten the same out of it. : )

    The language part in the end was a nice touch though.

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