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Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Einstein 1 Studio

By Christine Marshall

With AI advancements surging, Salesforce must meet customer expectations by delivering cutting-edge AI features. While tools like ChatGPT have utility, they pose risks to CRM data security and lack seamless integration with Salesforce. Moreover, external AI solutions operate outside the CRM, limiting user benefits. 

Enter Einstein 1 Studio. Built directly on the Salesforce platform, it revolutionizes ROI on Salesforce implementations. By leveraging business data and unique setups, it automates tasks and provides invaluable insights. This article delves into Einstein 1 Studio, covering its features, cost, and accessibility.

What Is Einstein 1 Studio?

Einstein 1 Studio is a family of low-code conversational AI tools, designed to maximize efficiency, help businesses make more informed decisions, and improve customer experience. 

Everyone, at every company, can become an Einstein.

Three features set the Einstein 1 Studio apart from its competitors:

  1. Einstein 1 Studio allows businesses to customize the prompts and actions available to users.
  2. Einstein 1 Studio is grounded in your data. This means the large language model (LLM) is given access to use-case-specific information that is not inherently part of its training data. 
  3. Einstein 1 Studio is metadata aware, meaning not only is it aware of your data, but also aware of your configuration changes and unique business setup. 

One key bonus of being metadata aware is that Einstein 1 Studio is aware of, and respects, your security configuration. It can see what level of access a user has (or not) and ensure it only returns information that they have permission to view.

“Einstein Copilot is the only copilot with the ability to truly understand what is going on with your customer relationships”. Marc Benioff, CEO and Founder of Salesforce

The Einstein 1 Studio is comprised of three features:

  1. Prompt Builder (GA): Allows you to create templated, reusable prompts that can be deployed across your entire org using functionality such as Custom Buttons and Flow.
  1. Copilot Builder (Beta): Allows you to customize the user-facing Einstein Copilot chatbot. By utilizing a set of tools, you can integrate Apex, Flow, and MuleSoft APIs, as well as generative AI components, to create custom functionality.
  1. Model Builder (GA): Allows you to choose a Large Language Model (LLM) for a specific use case, as opposed to other solutions such as ChatGPT. Salesforce believes that this will become extremely important in the future, particularly as specific AI models develop and businesses begin to build out their own LLMs.
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Einstein 1 Studio Use Cases

Einstein 1 Studio works across the entire suite of Salesforce products and has multiple use cases. 

For Sales:

  • Research accounts
  • Automatically summarize highlights
  • Surface customer sentiment
  • Auto-generate emails that fit your tone and style
  • Automatically draft clauses and embed them in customer contracts

For Service:

  • Automatically respond to customers with relevant company knowledge
  • Resolve customer issues using fast generative answers
  • Auto-summarize support cases and field work orders

For Marketing:

  • Automatically generate email copy for marketing campaigns
  • Create website landing pages based on browsing and buying preferences
  • Create contact forms that automatically populate each customer’s unified profile in Salesforce
  • Automatically generate surveys following online actions to increase long-term engagement and purchasing

For Commerce:

  • Provide step-by-step assistance to build high-converting digital storefronts
  • Automate complex tasks like managing multi-product catalog data
  • Create product descriptions in multiple languages
  • Personalized product promotions
  • SEO metadata generation that drives conversions

For Developers:

  • Turn natural language prompts into Apex code
  • Suggest more effective and accurate code
  • Scan for code vulnerabilities

For Tableau:

  • Build relevant visualizations based on best practices
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Promote efficient data curation
  • Perform faster data exploration

How Can I Access Einstein 1 Studio?

From purchasing additional Einstein 1 licenses to getting a free trial, there are several ways to try Einstein 1 Studio. Check out Ben’s article for four ways to get access today!

How Much Does Einstein 1 Studio Cost?

Salesforce has included full access to the Einstein 1 Studio in their new Einstein 1 Editions (formerly Unlimited Edition+). This gives you full access to Copilot, Prompt Builder, and Model Builder. List prices start at $500/user per month for Sales and Service.

Alternatively, customers can add it to Enterprise or Unlimited Edition orgs. Pricing can be found here

Where Can I Learn Einstein 1 Studio?

Get hands-on with Einstein 1 Studio in Trailhead. Salesforce has designed two new trails to help you get started: Get Started with Einstein Copilot and Get Started with Prompts and Prompt Builder

Roadmap and Considerations

  • Prompt Builder and Model Builder are now generally available globally.
  • Copilot Builder is available in beta globally.
  • Einstein Copilot is currently available for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Einstein Copilot for Tableau, Commerce Cloud, and Marketing Cloud will be available later in 2024.
  • Einstein Copilot currently supports data residency in the United States and the English language.



In response to the rapidly advancing AI landscape, Salesforce introduces Einstein 1 Studio, a revolutionary suite of low-code conversational AI tools embedded within the Salesforce platform. 

Unlike external AI tools such as ChatGPT, Einstein 1 Studio seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, enhancing efficiency, automation, and data security. With features like Prompt Builder for reusable prompts, Copilot Builder for customizable chatbots, and Model Builder for access to Large Language Models (LLMs), Einstein 1 Studio empowers businesses to harness AI’s transformative potential within their Salesforce implementations.

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Christine Marshall

Christine is the Courses Director at Salesforce Ben. She is an 11x certified Salesforce MVP and leads the Bristol Admin User Group.

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