Can Salesforce Do Accounting?

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Salesforce CRM is a powerful platform, innovative and flexible enough to be tailored to any business’ requirements. But can Salesforce do accounting? The short answer is that Salesforce has accounting but can’t do accounting on its own. Let’s delve into why.

A Quick History of CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software platform. Originally, CRM was developed to help business leaders track customer relations and sales. As CRM grew, developers added a host additional IT solutions – accounting software being one of those. Housing customer relationship management with other vital software on a single platform is a game changer, giving users full visibility into every aspect of operations and accounting without having to shift around to different systems. You have all the tools you need on the CRM.


A key distinguishing feature of Salesforce, as most of us know, is its flexibility. The diversity of native applications on the platform, as well as its ability to conform to user needs instead of the other way around, makes it a leading business tool.

If Salesforce is so advanced and flexible, it must also offer accounting, right? Again, Salesforce is an IT platform, not an accounting application. However, through native accounting applications that are built on the Salesforce platform, it does provide access to accounting software. While accounting is a completely different concept than CRM, both are better together.

How Does Salesforce ‘Do’ Accounting?

While everything in business, including customer relations and sales, touches accounting, not all of these individual processes are accounting.


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When software specializes in a certain area(s) but also have add-on features, this often stresses the program’s limits. This is why users should be wary of industry-specific accounting software. Simply put, it’s difficult to have an all-inclusive software that has a primary function and accounting. Businesses need a system that will handle specialized sales and industry-related processes and a dedicated accounting system. The beauty of a CRM like Salesforce is that you can have all these apps on one platform.

Salesforce hosts an array of applications that will help you run every dimension of your organization, including accounting. In fact, accounting is actually stronger on a CRM platform because of its capability to link all of your business data into a unified system, letting you fully pilot your entire front-to-back office in one environment.

Go Native, Get Better Accounting

Consider the vital feature of flexibility. Not only do you want your management system to be flexible, your accounting software should also be adaptable to individual requirements.

The IT structure of native accounting apps allows them to share data and connect seamlessly to other apps you’re using on Salesforce.

Using native Salesforce accounting applications also frees you from having to use traditional, multi-platform integration, saving you money while giving you more secured data. The process of incorporating an accounting app on Salesforce is simply a matter of choosing the best option; you can build your unique Salesforce platform by pairing a dedicated accounting app with the rest of the software you’re using for easy, straightforward financial management.

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