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AWS + Salesforce Announce Significant Partnership

By Lucy Mazalon

Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announce a significant expansion of their partnership to make it easy for customers to use the full set of both Salesforce and AWS capabilities to quickly build and deploy powerful new business applications using low-code and click-to-launch development tools – ‘taking intelligent app development to the next level’.

These two tech behemoths have held a strategic partnership for half a decade, with AWS powering a significant portion of the Salesforce platform (you may not even be aware of!) With Salesforce, organizations manage customer relationships and build new apps, while leveraging AWS for their compute, storage, and database needs.

Why this matters: the focus is on creating better developer experiences. Previously, significant custom integration code was often required for customers that wanted to combine AWS and Salesforce capabilities for their applications. This partnership offers developers pre-built out-of-the-box applications and add-ons that leverage AWS services for voice, video, and productivity with AI and ML functionality, and launch industry-specific customer solutions.

Our customers have benefitted from a tight relationship between AWS and Salesforce. Now, we are taking the partnership to the next level by integrating our offerings so developers using both AWS and Salesforce can build unified applications much faster and simpler than ever before Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services.

Find more of the details in Salesforce’s press announcement.

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Lucy Mazalon

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