Add LinkedIn Event Registrants to GoToWebinar, by Leveraging Pardot

By Alexandre Ruiz

Ever had to create a LinkedIn event for a webinar? If the answer is yes, you’ll be aware that registration landing pages are not natively supported by LinkedIn – sometimes it’s necessary to ask people to register using an external page.

Your options for LinkedIn Event Registrants are either a Pardot landing page or a GoToWebinar landing page.

Adding LinkedIn Event Registrants

To add to the challenge, GoToWebinar does not allow you to import registrants’ data from a CSV file into GoToWebinar. This means you need to leverage a data capture solution to move your data into GoToWebinar without any hassle – that data capture solution is Pardot.

This method requires each prospect (who registers to your webinar using a Pardot Form Handler) to have a unique URL to complete the end-to-end registration process. As you may have guessed, there is a big pay-off for your work here, as registrants will exist as prospect records in your Pardot org for follow-up and engagement tracking – it’s a win-win!

If you need to add your LinkedIn event registrants to GoToWebinar effortlessly, then read on – I’ll explain how to add registrants to GoToWebinar using Pardot (in one click!).

Create the Pardot Form Handler

Step 1: Add Form Handler

Here’s how to create a Pardot form handler.

  1. Open the Form Handlers page by navigating to: Content → Form Handlers. Then, click + Add Form Handler.
  2. Name the Form Handler (in line with your naming convention), and select the appropriate folder and campaign.
  3. Check the checkbox to enable Kiosk/Data Entry Mode.
  4. Set the Success Location & Error Location options to Referring URL.

Step 2: Add Completion Actions

  • Register for Webinar | [name of your webinar]
  • Add to CRM Campaign | [name of your campaign]

Step 3: Map Form Fields

Repeat these steps for each field on your form.

  1. Click + Add New Field.
  2. Enter the External Field Name. If you use my link generator template, you will find this in the ‘Mapping Pardot Form Handler Field API Name’ column (more detail to follow in the next step). Remember, the External field name is case-sensitive!
  3. Select the prospect field from the dropdown list, and save your changes.


You now have your specific Pardot Form Handler created, ready to register LinkedIn Event registrants to your GoToWebinar webinar.

Add Registrations from LinkedIn to GoToWebinar – Free Template

As I mentioned earlier, each prospect who registers to your webinar using the Pardot Form Handler will need a unique URL.

You will now see how this completes the end-to-end registration process. I’ve created a link generator template that you can use for free. This generator has been a companion for me when working with clients facing this challenge.

1. Copy the Endpoint URL from the Pardot Form Handler in the dedicated cell. The spreadsheet will create a full Pardot Form Handler URL dynamically.

  • I’ve created this spreadsheet with Pardot standard fields as a reference, but you can modify the standard fields and add custom fields to suit your needs.

2. Pardot Form Handler (in blue):

  • Paste your Form Handler Endpoint URL in cell A4.
  • Edit B8:Y8 cells with the External Field Names in your Form Handler.

3. Data configuration (in green):

  • Edit B9:Y110 cells with your data (including columns) from your extracted LinkedIn Event CSV.

4. The results (cells A10:A110)

This triggers the registration process. Just by clicking on each URL (open in a new tab), the prospect is registered on your webinar – all with a single click!

You can also select multiple Pardot Form Handler URLs by selecting multiple cells, then right-click → Open links (or Press Alt+Enter).

Just make sure you don’t open too many links, as your computer won’t be able to handle it! If you have too many URLs to open in your browser, you can process them with a tool like Integromat (a future article!).


We’ve seen how to easily register your LinkedIn Event registrants to your GoToWebinar webinar by using Pardot. If you have any questions or comments to improve the spreadsheet, feel free to send me a DM on LinkedIn: Alexandre Ruiz!

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