3 Free Salesforce Add-on Solutions to Install Today!

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I’m a huge Salesforce Labs fan! But what is Salesforce Labs? If you’re unfamiliar, Salesforce Labs is a program that enables Salesforce employees to share the apps they’ve created on the AppExchange, so that everyone can take advantage of their value and all for free!

I’ve discovered some new gems released by Salesforce Labs and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Lightning Knowledge Search and Replace

With this little gem of an app, you can easily manage the search and update of articles; from an operational content management perspective, it’s a big efficiency win.

You can search and replace values in bulk, on published as well as draft articles. For articles that have already been published, they are automatically republished as new versions once the replacement operation is performed.

You can also run a search only to assess the impact a change might have.

Tip: If you haven’t yet made the move to Lightning Knowledge check out this ultimate guide – you are missing out on many great features!

Flow Datagrid Pack

Flows are getting a lot of attention this year, and quite rightly so, after many years of incredible enhancements and a beautiful new interface.

However, one of the things that you may have encountered is limitations in the user interface when it comes to selecting records in a Flow. With this Datagrid component, you can supercharge your screen elements to display a collection of records as a Data Grid, Tile Grid, or Map Grid.

Data Grid:

Tile Grid:

Map Grid:

Source: Flow Datagrid Pack


I’ve saved the best till last (in my opinion anyway)!

With this orgLimits Lightning Web Component, you can get a complete picture of your org’s capabilities and storage limits and choose to place this visual representation wherever it’s most useful to you:

  • Utility bar
  • Lightning Home/App page
  • Lightning component tab

This could be ideal for a Salesforce Admin Home page!

It displays the values using System.OrgLimits.getMap(), then displays them with a progress/utilization bar. You can find data storage usage vs limits, permission sets, API requests, concurrency & more.

Rather than taking a reactive approach to the performance of your salesforce org, with this component you can now be proactive and take action before issues arise.


As Salesforce Trailblazers we don’t need to reinvent the wheel; we can leverage the power of the AppExchange community.

Check out this list of all the amazing apps from the Salesforce Labs program: all free, open-source, and built by Salesforce employees. You are in for a treat!

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