11 Training Resources for Entry-Level Salesforce Professionals

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The world of Salesforce can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, and as the ecosystem grows in size, this just increases the vast number of resources already out there.

If you’re new into this exciting world, it can be hard to get to grips with the products, roles, job opportunities, and which resources to use to get skilled up and certified. Well, we’ve got you covered, here are 11 of some of the best training resources for entry-level Salesforce professionals…

1. Talent Alliance

First up we have a relatively new initiative by Salesforce themselves. The Talent Alliance was founded to bring new, diverse talent into the Salesforce ecosystem.

The program will help you skill up on everything Salesforce, train for your certification, and connect you with employers to help you land that first job. Learn more right here.

2. Certification Days

Although not exclusively for entry-level professionals, Salesforce Certification Days are a selection of free webinars to help you prepare for your certification.

They are completely free and cover Admin, Advanced Admin, Platform App Builder, amongst other certifications. Sign up here.

3. Salesforce Ben Courses

At SalesforceBen.com we’ve been producing training material since 2014, including certification guides and practice exams, to help you fully prepare for the real Salesforce exams. We also have a wealth of career content to help you understand different job roles, the Salesforce ecosystem, and how to get your first job.

Check out our newly launched courses site which includes our pack of Salesforce Admin practice exams with 300 questions!

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4. Talent Stacker

The Talent Stacker program is designed for those that are looking to land the first job of their Salesforce career quickly and effectively, with a supportive community environment. 

Their career development program combines group led certification training, personal branding skills to attract employers, interview training, job search strategy, amongst other topics. They also have developed relationships with top consultancies to help you get that first interview.

Try out their free 5-day challenge today!

5. Revolent

Revolent is an official training partner of Salesforce. They offer a number of different courses that will help you skill up, get certified AND land a job whilst training.

Career paths include Salesforce Admin, Developer, Consultant, Marketing Cloud Consultant, amongst others. Check out their training programs here.

Cloud Talent Generator Revolent Wins Two Prestigious Awards

6. Supermums

Supermums was founded to help mums and dads skill up in the tech sector. Enabling them to find a flexible, well-paid role that fits around family life.

Supermums have a number of different courses based around Salesforce, and also have a recruitment arm to help you land a job. Check out their courses here.

7. Trailhead

Now, this really wouldn’t be a very good list unless we mentioned Trailhead, Salesforce’s free training site that has over 1,100+ modules.

Trailhead is an interactive training website that allows you to test your skills with quizzes, and hands-on activities by linking your Salesforce Org.

8. Journey2Salesforce

India is a huge part of the community, and one of the fastest-growing Salesforce economies in the world. In fact, IDC reports that 1.9 million jobs will be created in India by 2024.

Journey2Salesforce is a training program exclusively for Indian residents that provides training, mentorship, and connects you with potential employers.

9. PepUpTech

PepUpTech was founded to increase the number of underrepresented individuals in the world of technology.

They have a number of different programs available for people that have been negatively affected due to COVID-19 or are from low to moderate-income backgrounds. Check out their website and programs here.

Home | pepuptech

10. Merivis

Merivis is an organisation dedicated to training veterans in Salesforce and ensuring they are job-ready.

If you are a veteran, it’s also worth checking out Salesforce Military, the official program from Salesforce to upskill the world’s veterans in tech.

11. Pathfinder

Pathfinders is another official program started by Salesforce in 2020 to increase the number of new Salesforce professionals.

As well as 200+ hours of immersive training, Salesforce connects you with mentors and also has a network of employers who are looking to hire entry-level professionals. Check out the program here.

Salesforce Pathfinder Program


No matter your level of skill in Salesforce, these training programs are designed to support people from different backgrounds and all walks of life.

The world of Salesforce is growing at such a rate that the ecosystem NEEDS more Salesforce professionals to join the industry. A fantastic opportunity for anyone that wants to put the work in.

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