What’s the difference between Salesforce MVPs and Champions?

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During DreamTX 2020, Salesforce relaunched the Champions program, moving away from purely product advocacy towards evangelism and peer engagement among business leaders in sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT.

In addition to the Champions program, Salesforce also has an MVP program. On the surface these two programs have a lot of similarities: they both advocate and evangelise about Salesforce, sharing their expertise and experience on the platform. However, there are also many differences which we’ll dive into here.

What’s the difference?

Salesforce MVPs are community-nominated product experts and lifelong learners who go above and beyond to share their expertise.

The Champions program has 5 different paths: Sales Champion, Service Champion, Marketing Champion, Commerce Champion, Platform Champion (Platform Champions were previously known as Lightning Champions). These paths have different product focuses, however all have similar requirements and responsibilities. Champions share their expertise and experiences with the community, similar to MVPs.

You can be both a Champion and an MVP. Let’s take a look at these roles in more detail.



  • Demonstrate Leadership, Advocacy, Generosity.
  • Business leaders in Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, and IT (this includes technical roles for the Platform Champions program).
  • Minimum of 1 years’ experience leading digital transformation in a function or organization.
  • Works for a Salesforce customer (or an independent consultant if you are applying to be a Platform Champion).


  • Demonstrate Leadership, Advocacy, Generosity and Expertise
  • In the real world this might look like leading a user group, running community events (e.g. Dreamin events), speaking at events, blogging, actively helping the community via Answers or within Trailblazer groups.
  • Product experts such as Admins, Developers and Architects.
  • Active in the community for at least twelve months.



  • A minimum of one “Act of Advocacy” every quarter, for a year. This might include speaking at events, blogging, answering questions on the Answers community and so on.
  • Nominate at least one potential future Champion.



  • Share knowledge and expertise by leading user groups, organising or speaking at events (Salesforce and community led), blogging, answering questions on the Answers community and in Trailblazer groups and more.


Application Process

  • Champions can apply to Salesforce to join the program twice a year.
  • MVPs are nominated by the community once a year (they cannot nominate themselves or apply to the program!).

Membership Renewal

  • Champions log their activity via the Champions portal to demonstrate they have fulfilled the program requirements. Champions can choose not to renew their membership.
  • MVP participation is monitored annually and existing MVP’s may be renewed for another year based on their contributions. Failure to adequately participate in activities will mean their MVP status is not renewed.
  • Once an MVP has held their MVP status for 5 years, they may enter the MVP Hall of Fame, although just like MVP renewal, this is done on merit and is not guaranteed.

How can I become a Salesforce MVP?

MVPs must be nominated by members of the Salesforce community during the nomination period (typically November/December each year). There are thousands of MVP nominations each year but it only takes a single nomination for a potential MVP to be considered.

Following the community nominations, nominees are assessed by current MVPs. Finally, nominees are reviewed by Salesforce stakeholders and employees before the final list is chosen. New and renewed MVPs are revealed around March every year.

Find out more about becoming a Salesforce MVP here.

How can I become a Salesforce Champion?

You can apply to become a Champion twice a year. It can also help your application to be nominated by an existing Champion, however, even if you are nominated you still need to submit your own application!

Salesforce will review your application and inform you if you have been successful; this process normally takes 3-4 weeks.

For greater insight into being a Champion, take a look at our in depth guide to being a Platform Champion here or a Marketing Champion here!

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