[Webinar] The Golden Rule of Salesforce Testing

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Salesforce spans nearly every department in an organization, however, each department uses the platform differently, with individual needs, use cases, and levels of support. Testing Salesforce is no different – each department has different test cases based on the key features it uses.

So, what is the ‘golden rule’ that applies to everyone when it comes to testing Salesforce? During this webinar, Humza Ahmad (Solutions Architect, Keysight Technologies) will discuss with Lucy Mazalon (Operations Director, Salesforce Ben) the importance of testing Salesforce and which strategies to apply. Come along to discover the golden rule that should be applied when testing enterprise CRM tools like Salesforce.

The webinar will explore the following topics:

  • The true unthought-of costs of not testing Salesforce.
  • Common misconceptions about test coverage.
  • Best practices for streamlining Salesforce testing.
  • How to deal with customized setups, configurations, and integrations.

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