[Webinar] Maximizing Your Salesforce Teams Productivity Through AI

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Join us for an exclusive webinar tailored to Salesforce managers seeking to maximize their team’s potential. This webinar will empower you to lead your organization into the future through AI and automation, equipping you with the tools to take full control of your Salesforce org while enhancing operational efficiency.

Led by a panel of distinguished Salesforce MVPs, in collaboration with Panaya ForeSight, this webinar is your gateway to mastering the art of Salesforce team management and maximizing your org’s control.

Explore the latest tools, strategies, and insights to elevate your team’s performance and drive success in the dynamic world of Salesforce.

Key Highlights:

  • Harnessing AI and Automation
  • Optimizing Task Management
  • Staying Ahead of the Org with maximum control     
  • Interactive Q&A with MVPs

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