Use Your Zoom Background to Showcase Your Salesforce Certs!

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Since a lot of folks have started working remote lately, I thought I’d share a fun little project for Salesforce Admins, especially if you have certifications. Many of you are probably using Zoom for virtual meetings these days. If you aren’t used to working from home, you probably don’t have a beautiful home office setup that looks professional on camera. Even if you are used to working from home, let’s be honest, most of us do not have a home office that looks like this:

Disclaimer: this is not my office. My office is a hot mess, with both children and pets shuffling in and out all day.

Now, while I have worked from home for years and years now, normally I just have my camera turned off. That is until I discovered the Virtual Background in Zoom. And not only that, but I was als able to create my own custom Virtual Background using Canva. Now, this is what my clients see when I’m doing a Salesforce consulting meeting:

I’ll share how I did this one, but the truth is, you can do anything you want.

1. Download the Zoom app

2. Go to and click “Create a Design” and then “Custom Dimensions”

3. The dimensions that worked for me are 1280x720px

4. Click “Create a Design”

5. Choose your Background photo. There are both free and paid options. I choose the plain brick wall, but choose anything you like! If you’re going to add your certification badges, or any other images, choose something plain that doesn’t clash or overwhelm the viewer.

6. Upload any additional images you want to use to Canva.

7. Drag, drop, arrange, and resize your additional images as you like! Don’t put your images right on the edges or they could be cut off. You may need to make a few versions before you get it just right.

8. Reverse any images that have text on them. All of my images above have text. If you do not reverse them, they will show up backwards in your Zoom, and that would be very embarrassing. In Canva, click on each image, and just go to the top and click “Flip” and then “Flip Horizontal”

9. Download your background when complete.

10. Open up Zoom, go to Virtual Backgrounds, and add a new Background. Then, Add Image.

That’s it! It’s that easy! I had a lot of fun making mine, and the possibilities are endless. Virtual Backgrounds are great because they allow you to add some levity and personality to your video meetings. At your next virtual meeting, have a competition to see who can make the best Virtual Background. I hope you have fun creating yours!

5 thoughts on “Use Your Zoom Background to Showcase Your Salesforce Certs!

  1. DO NOT flip horizontally. If you do the viewer will see everything backwards. Everyone on the other end of the meeting will see what as shown in the Choose Virtual Background sections.

    If you see it backwards on your end simply uncheck the “mirror my video”. That setting only controls what you see. I assume that so if you point it behaves like in a mirror and not opposite.

  2. Eric van Horssen


    Similar for Teams, create a picture store it in: %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds \ Uploads

    And again same story, the preview is flipped.

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