Using Google Chrome to manage my Salesforce Life

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Since embarking on my professional life I’ve used no other web browsers apart from Google Chrome. Main reason being, it just works. The second reason however is due to a feature called Users, this feature is so good and ingrained into my working and personal life that I couldn’t imagine using any other web browsers. I’m sure Firefox and other popular browsers probably have this feature, but I can’t imagine it working as well.

Google Users

Google Users creates new chrome browser instances that allow you to login to multiple Gmail accounts and other web services across these different browsers. This solves the problem of having to have Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome open all at the same time. Creating additional Google Users will make an icon appear in the top left of your screen which will show you which User you are currently using. Clicking on this will show you the available users you have created. Clicking on an additional user will launch a new window for this user.


Above you can see the different users and accounts I have associated to Google Chrome. My personal domain, work domain and a demo account. From this I have a clear distinction between work and personal which is helpful in terms practicality and privacy.

Main Advantages

  • Can install separate extensions based on each browser (Don’t need a bunch of Salesforce Chrome Extensions in your personal instance)
  • History is kept separate for privacy issues
  • Favourites are kept separate
  • You can log in to different web services instantly through your Google User
  • Keep Sandbox/Production in separate browsers to avoid confusion.

To add new users to your Chrome instance you can simply go to settings and then scroll down to Users section.Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 15.32.59

And the best bit of all this?  You get to choose some fun favicons as I have done!

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 15.34.05

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