Game On: Join the New ‘Top Trailblazer’ Leaderboards

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If you are working with Salesforce, no doubt you know about Trailhead, the gamified platform to acquire Salesforce skills for free. Trailhead rewards you with a badge and a number of points every time you complete a Trail. I always go to Trailhead to get a better understanding of a specific functionality – plus, doing Trailmixes is also really helpful to prepare for an exam.

The total number of badges and points you earn determine your ranking, where Ranger is the highest. Recently, Trailhead reached an impressive milestone with 20 million badges earned! So, how can we drum up some friendly competition and see where we rank against our fellow Trailblazers?

Top Trailhead Leaderboards

I am sure you know that awesome feeling when you complete a badge and confetti rains down on your screen. But aren’t you just curious how your peers are doing? Well, there’s a solution for that! And I am not talking about the Trail Tracker app – that one is cool, but it only tracks progress in your own Salesforce org.

No, I am talking about the Top Trailblazers website, created by Johan Karlsteen from Sweden. Johan did an excellent job in presenting worldwide Trailhead leaderboards in a fancy way.

Joining Top Trailblazers Communities

‘Top Trailblazers’ consists of communities of Trailblazers. You can either join (>300) existing communities or create a new one. Communities are usually based on Salesforce Saturdays, user groups, events or companies.

I joined the countrywide community of The Netherlands that consists of 88 Trailblazers that earned 9,311 badges in total! And I found out that Emilien Guichard (945 badges) and Michael Rucker (549,342 points) are true Trailhead champions. Wow, how did they do that?

Why Join Top Trailblazers?

Good question! Me personally, I always get inspired by people acquiring badges and certifications. It motivates me to keep learning! It is also motivating to be part of a group. Sharing with peers about goals and achievements will help you stay on track. A great example is the worldwide Trailhead challenge where Salesforce Saturdays in multiple countries battle to earn the most badges in one day. Results are tracked almost in real-time on Top Trailblazers.

The Technical Stuff

The Top Trailblazers website can be browsed by anyone. Be aware of that! If you want to be listed though, you need to create an account. There are clear instructions on how to find your Trailhead ID and Certification ID. Once you are in, browse through the communities and click on ‘Join Community’ at the bottom of the community you want to be part of.

The final important step is to drag and drop the ‘Push Badges to TT’ to your bookmark bar. Use it every time you earn new achievements on Trailhead. In the past results were pulled from Trailhead automatically, but due to recent policy changes, you need to push your results manually. That being said, now you’re all set to show the world your Trailhead results!

6 thoughts on “Game On: Join the New ‘Top Trailblazer’ Leaderboards

  1. Pablo Andres Alvarez Caborno


    I don’t think this is working. It stopped updating badges and certifications since they changed the verification website and the Trailhead ID now is not available anymore. Well, at least it’s not working for me, it got suck in 600 badges and 3 certifications, now I’m 800 badges and 13 certifications but the number is not being updated.

    1. Dear Pablo, it is still working, but in a different way. In my article I mentioned to add the “Push Badges to TT” to your bookmark bar. It really works, but maybe someone else signed you up at TopTrailblazers?

    2. I am having an issue updating the badges as well. I get a 404 error when clicking on the Push Badges to TT link. I think it has to do with merging trailhead accounts and changing my trailhead link profile ID from hull to hull5, but not sure how to fix. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Where do you GET the Push Badges to TT script? It’s not listed anywhere to the TT site, I see him mention it on a tweet in october but I can’t find it anywhere. thanks

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