Salesforce Survey Status and Responses – Try Salesforce Surveys for Free!

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Salesforce Surveys enable you to create forms using a simple editor within your Salesforce Org – for free! Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud customers can take advantage of this complementary product, and receive 300 survey responses before any additional purchase is required.

Survey engagement is synced straight to Salesforce, readily displayed within reports and dashboards.

Who Can Use Salesforce Surveys?

Salesforce made Surveys free in the Summer ’19 Release, for up to 300 survey responses. In order to create surveys, a user must have one of these profiles:

  • Contract manager
  • Marketing user
  • Standard user
  • System administrator

Surveys is closely associated with the Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud because both verticals typically have many survey use cases.

Salesforce Survey Status and Responses

Salesforce Survey Status and Responses were delivered in the Winter ‘19 release. Now when a survey invitation is sent from Salesforce, you can view whether the recipient has:

  • Opened
  • Started,
  • Completed.

Create a Survey via Salesforce

Once you have enabled Surveys for your org, you can find ‘Surveys’ in the object list on the App Launcher:

Click ‘New’, and get transported into the Survey Builder interface:

Choose from some cool question formats:

Send Salesforce Surveys

You can distribute your survey link to leads, contacts, and users via email, which can be personalised using standard Salesforce personalization merge fields. Surveys were enhanced to be more mobile-friendly.

Survey Data in Salesforce

To view interaction (Opened, Started, Completed), go to the survey record and scroll to the ‘Survey Invitations’ section.

You will be able to see the list of responses on the ‘Related’ tab. To view an individual participant’s response, click the down arrow and select ‘View Responses’.

9 thoughts on “Salesforce Survey Status and Responses – Try Salesforce Surveys for Free!

    1. Currently, there is no true Number field. You can ask for a number response in a text field, but there is no checking on the validity of the entry, and you need code to convert the text string to an actual number. Questions like Rating and Slider and NPS are stored as numbers, so you can determine averages on these responses

  1. Christopher McEntee


    Does anyone know if it is possible for internal users to start and complete a survey for a customer without sending it to a contact? I thought the setting Survey Owners Can Manage Responses might help in this regard?

    1. Anyone with the survey link should be able to take the survey as a guest user. So, in Salesforce, a user can go to the Survey Invitation, click on the link, and then take the survey. If the link is unique and tied to the Contact record, the responses will be available on the Contact record.

  2. How to get survey sent date as am sending survey from a process builder. i need to fetch survey sent date and display it on contact field.

  3. I have customer requirements – I need to send a survey to a list of contacts against and account, but only one contact can respond – if any additional responses are submitted I need to post a message saying sorry we’ve received a response. Is there an OOTB way to solve this? I’m not sure if the paid-for version of SF Surveys can support this – any ideas?

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