Salesforce Matched Leads Component: Assign Leads to an Account

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Salesforce Leads and Accounts aren’t friends. Salesforce Contacts are associated to Accounts, whereas Leads are not. Leads exist independently – like floating records.

  • Contact record + Account record
  • Lead record + Company field

How can you manage incoming leads that should belong to an existing account? That’s where the Matched Lead Component comes in to save the day.

What is the Matched Leads Component?

The Matched Leads Component is a box that sits on an Account page sidebar*, and notifies the user if there is a match between any Lead’s ‘Company’ field and the Account’s name. That way, users can ’scoop’ up Leads that should be converted into Contacts on this Account.

It’s great that users can mass convert Leads without leaving the Account, and build up a more full picture of the Account.

*Lightning Record pages offer more options, but most admins place it in the sidebar, as shown below.

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Implement the Matched Leads Component

First thing – do you have the correct Pardot License? This component is only available for Pardot customers with Pardot Advanced edition and above.

  • Check you have the Standard Leads on Accounts Matching Rule in your account, and activated. Go to: Setup → Matching Rules. Check you can see it in the list, and activate if necessary.


Add the Matched Leads Component

The Matched Leads component setup is straightforward from now! Lightning Record Pages are the new, slicker versions of page layouts, specifically for the Lightning Experience.

  • You will need to edit your Account Lightning Record Page. Go to your Account page, click on the cog icon, and Edit Page:
  • Find “Matched Leads” in the component list. Drag the component on to the canvas, to any section that turns green when you hover.
  • Click Activation.

Words of Advice

Too Many Components?

Before you add yet another component to your page layouts, consider if this will actually be used by your teams. Pages can become clutter quickly, making it harder for people to use. There are many other Pardot (Account Engagement) components that could take priority:

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Don’t Convert Every Lead into Contacts

It is not ‘best practice’ to convert every Lead into Contacts.

The Lead Conversion mechanism is used by many organisations, with no. leads converted a key sales KPI. Converting every Lead into Contacts could:

  • Skewing conversion reporting.
  • Clog up your account records.

So, ask yourself these questions:

  • Should you only convert leads that fit your model buyer’s profile? (You can use Grading for this).
  • Should the component only be available to Admins or Super Users? You can display the component dependent on a user’s profile when you activate the Lightning Record Page.