The All-in-One Salesforce Chrome Extension

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Salesforce Chrome extensions play a big role in a lot of Salesforce professionals lives. These plugins allow Admins & Developers to be a lot more productive by overlaying functionality on top of Salesforce through the Chrome browser. Whenever we release a round-up of top Chrome extensions for Salesforce, the post always gets a great response, showing how much Salesforce professionals are searching for more productivity! Click here to check out our round-up of the top Chrome extensions for Salesforce professionals and users.

I would like to pay certain attention to a particular Chrome extension that you could call the “Swiss Army Knife” of plugins. Built from the ground up by Salesforce MVP Enrico Murru, the Salesforce ORGanizer plugin has every feature you can imagine!

Salesforce ORGanizer

While the Salesforce ORGanizer has many productivity features, I’m going to dive into the Top 6 Features that this app has to offer…

Login Store

Similarly to other password extensions on Chrome, ORGanizer has a purpose-built login store with features specific to being a Salesforce professional. This includes being able to…

  • Login with a token
  • Login with OAuth
  • Set production Vs Sandbox
  • Many other features!

Tab Helper

Hopefully, the nightmare scenario hasn’t happened to you where you make a change in one Org, thinking it’s another. Tab Helper is a necessity for consultants that work across a lot of Salesforce Org’s. You can change the colours of your Chrome tabs, as well as the title of the Tab, changing this…

to this…


Quick Links

Quick Links give you the ability to easily jump around your Salesforce Org with Lightning speed. After you have the Salesforce ORGanizer plugin installed, hitting “CTRL+Shift+Space” will give you access to a screen to search your entire Salesforce Org. This allows you to access a page that might take several clicks, in a matter of seconds. You can access, objects, custom links, global search, meta-data search as well as directly log in to other Orgs!

ORGanizer Button

Once installed, the ORGanizer will give you a handy button at the bottom left of the screen to access a bunch of other features…

Profiles Chamber – Manipulate profiles, including setting up login hours in mass.

Quick Console – Admin/Dev Console built into every Salesforce tab you have on your browser. This further includes features such as Quick Query, Execute Anonymous, Replace API Names, among others.

Change Set Helper

I think we can all relate to the struggles of deploying via Change Sets. While the functionality works, the struggle is real. ORGanizer has a Change set helper which allows you to easily add multiple items, and delete them in mass. You can also build templates e.g. automatically add the same Apex classes to every Change set you are building.

Enhanced Formula

Last but not least, a simple yet effective feature that allows auto-formatting on Formula’s. The Salesforce ORGanizer will not only auto-format, but it will auto-complete Formulas!

I hope you enjoyed this summary of Salesforce ORGanizer, check it out today and let us know what you think in the comments.

5 thoughts on “The All-in-One Salesforce Chrome Extension

  1. Enrico make my life easy, I have like 45 orgs of customer I have to connect to and i’m not messing with password. I had a problem with the extension and he was very reactive to my emails, super ultra great experience for something free !

  2. Just downloaded this today and I will give it a try. I already love the CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE feature that will let you quickly global search or jump to different screens within setup.

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