Sprout Social for Salesforce – What’s Next?

By Lucy Mazalon

Sprout Social and Salesforce launched a global partnership earlier in 2022, which propelled Sprout towards becoming the preferred social media management solution for Salesforce customers.

This is very similar to Social Studio’s role in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite, and seen as though Social Studio is scheduled to be retired on Nov 18th, 2024, it could be speculated that Sprout Social is the replacement.

Sprout Social is integrated evermore tightly with Marketing Cloud (including “Intelligence”, formerly known as Datorama) and Service Cloud. Marketing and Service are two teams that benefit from social media listening and the insights this gives.

“Sprout Social announced a global partnership to make it easy for Salesforce customers to manage their full social media presence – engagement, publishing & scheduling, analytics, listening, advocacy and platform integrations – through Sprout’s industry-leading social suite.” – source

Sprout Social + Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With the Social Studio sunset, chances are that the partnership between Salesforce and Sprout Social is likely to supersede Social Studio.

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Aside from potentially becoming the new default social media marketing tool for Marketing Cloud, Marketing Cloud Intelligence, Salesforce’s marketing analytics solution (formerly Datorama) will also integrate into Sprout’s platform. This will bring social data and insights into overall marketing dashboards in Intelligence (Datorama).

My predictions are that these are the first of many ways that Sprout will “hook” into the Marketing Cloud and Salesforce platform.

Sprout Social + Salesforce Service Cloud

As for the latest developments for how Sprout “hooks” into the Salesforce platform, we turn to Service Cloud.

Bringing Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud together has been a major theme in the past. The Service Cloud and Sprout integration ensures Salesforce customers can manage all of their social customer care requests directly from within Service Cloud while creating a holistic view of customer interactions.

Did you know that social media is ranked the #1 non-traditional channel used for customer support?

“Deepening our integration with Salesforce will provide incredible value to our shared customers as social media and customer care become increasingly intertwined…The past few years have brought about the centralization of the entire customer journey onto social and the functionality we deliver through this partnership will ensure brands are empowered to deliver an amazing omni-channel experience.” Ryan Barretto, President of Sprout Social

“We are thrilled to have Sprout Social, a leader in social media management, deeply integrated within Service Cloud to connect social channels with a unified omnichannel experience, where customers can engage with brands wherever and however they’d like.” Nga Phan, Senior Vice President, Service Cloud Product Strategy, Salesforce

Interested? If you’re attending Dreamforce in-person, don’t miss “​​Exceed Customer Needs with Service Cloud and Sprout Social” where you will find out more about this integration, as well as the opportunity to ask your questions to the speakers.

What’s Next?

Time will tell. I’m not in a position to give exact commentary on the future of the Sprout Social and Salesforce integration – however, there are clear indicators that Sprout will be superseding the (soon to be) retired Social Studio. I will be keeping my eyes and ears out for more information over the next while!

About Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers deep social media listening and analytics, social management, customer care, commerce and advocacy solutions to more than 33,000 brands and agencies worldwide. Sprout’s unified platform integrates the power of social throughout every aspect of a business and enables social leaders at every level to extract valuable data and insights that drive their business forward. Headquartered in Chicago, Sprout operates across major social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.

The Author

Lucy Mazalon

Lucy is the Operations Director at Salesforce Ben. She is a 10x certified Marketing Champion and founder of The DRIP.


    Mette Temple
    September 16, 2022 9:55 am
    Any word on Sprout Social and Pardot integrating? The social posting functionality in Pardot is pretty abysmal...
    Lucy Mazalon
    September 16, 2022 1:01 pm
    Ha! I feel your pain - I will ask the Sprout CEO and Salesforce execs at Dreamforce next week when I speak with them :)
    December 15, 2022 4:48 pm
    Hi Lucy! Hope Dreamforce was great. Any word from Sprout/SF on the Pardot integration?
    May 02, 2023 3:06 pm
    Interesting that the word 'integration' is being used in the context of Sprout and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I've just had a conversation with a Sprout Solution Engineer to discuss integration functionality - plenty for Salesforce Service Cloud but when I asked about Marketing Cloud, her words were '...we don't have an integration with Marketing Cloud, but you can use our reporting API to feed data into Marketing Cloud Intelligence...' A little disappointing.

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