Salesforce Twitter Starter Pack – 20 People You Should Follow

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Staying up to date with Salesforce and the news that surrounds the ecosystem is of real importance to keep up with the fast-moving industry. A fantastic way to do this is through Twitter. Luckily there are many Salesforce influencers who enjoy posting articles, asking/answers questions, and generally posting interesting tricks and tips. If you’re not on Twitter yet, I’d recommend giving it a go just to absorb some of this information. A quick daily skim through Twitter will probably end up with you learning something you did not know about Salesforce that could help you with your career.

There are so many influencers and generally interesting people on Twitter, it would be hard to list them all here (I personally follow 2000+!). However, this list should be treated as a “Starter Pack” to help you get going, and ensure that some of you Twitter veterans are following all of these interesting people! For ease, I’ve also created a Twitter List right here.

20 People You Should Follow on Twitter

Marc Benioff (@Benioff)

Marc Benioff is CEO, Chairman & Founder of Salesforce. Marc posts incredible insights about Salesforce, philanthropy and some of the biggest news surrounding his company and technology in general.

Keir Bowden (@bob_buzzard)

Keir is CTO at Brigtgen, a platinum Salesforce partner based in London. Kier is a CTA (Certified Technical Architect), as well as a Salesforce Developer MVP. Kier also runs one of the longest-running and biggest Salesforce developer blogs that you can find here.

Daniel Peter (@danieljpeter)

Daniel is an MVP and leader of the Bay Area Developer user group. Daniel is currently working as a freelance architect and I believe has nearly every Salesforce certification under the sun.

Erica Kuhl (@ericakuhl)

Erica works as VP of Community at Salesforce. She has worked at Salesforce for over 16 years and has pioneered a lot of the Salesforce community efforts that we have to thank today.

Chris Duarte (@TheChrisDuarte)

Chris is Senior Direct & Editor-in-Chief at Trailhead. If you’re addicted to Trailhead then Chris a must follow. Chris has been there since the inception of Trailhead and is always tweeting about the amazing learning platform and any new features/trails that come out.

Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar)

Vala is Salesforce’s Chief Digital Evangelist. Vala is passionate about technology and the disruption that it plays in our lives and business. Vala is also famous for his  top 10 Twitter lists that give extremely good advice in a few words.

Ben McCarthy (@SalesforceBen)

Ok shameless plug for myself…This is where I post a lot of our blog posts from, along with other interesting articles I see around the web.

Rakesh Gupta (@rakeshistom)

Rakesh is a Salesforce Architect and MVP. He is also an Author of many Salesforce books, as well as runs a blog that covers all aspects of Salesforce, with a focus on automation. Check it out here!

Ines Garcia (@Inescapinezka)

Ines works as an Agile Salesforce Consultant based in London. She is also a Salesforce MVP, as well as an avid blogger here on She also co-founded and runes Dream Ole, which is a Salesforce community event based in Madrid.

Corey Snow (@corey_snow)

Corey is a Salesforce MVP and Solution Architect at Harvard University. Alongside his day job, Corey also runs the Salesforce Northeast Higher Ed User Group and is part of the Higher Ed Advisory Council.

Peter Coffee (@petercoffee)

Peter is VP of Strategic Research at Salesforce. Peter is a busy guy and is often found speaking at events about innovation in the technology space. His twitter feed is full of insights into the world of what is coming next in science.

Mike Gerholdt (@MikeGerholdt)

Mike is an Admin Evangelist at Salesforce. Mike founded and ran one of the original Salesforce blogs I used to follow called Button Click Admin (That is now the admin blog). Now he does this on a much wider scale for Salesforce themselves!

Brent Downey (@brentdowney)

Brent Downey is a Salesforce Consultant and blogger. Brent runs a great blog over at that has a lot of interesting articles and tutorials surrounding Salesforce Administration and more.

Amy Oplinger (@SalesforceAmy)

Amy is a freelance Consultant and Salesforce MVP. Amy is a great person to follow on Twitter, where you will always catch the latest Salesforce news and great blog posts. She is also passionate about Woman In Tech, SFIndiaDreamin and her blog GifSquad.

Charlie Isaacs (@Charlieisaacs)

Charlie is VP, CTO for Customer Connections at Salesforce. This primarily surrounds IoT where Charlie helps customers connect their products to the cloud.

Francis Pindar (@radnip)

Francis is a freelance technical architect as well as the co-founder of London’s Calling. Francis is a Salesforce all-start in the UK community and beyond, attending a lot of events and live-tweeting the best bits!

Tal Frankfurt (@TalFrankfurt)

Tal is the Founder & CEO of Cloud4Good, one of the biggest non-profit consultancies in the world. Tal is a great person to follow to learn more about this space and the wider Salesforce ecosystem.

Tom Blamire (@Salesforce_Tom)

Tom is a Salesforce Admin as well as a member of GifSquad. Tom is a passionate Salesforce twitter member where you will find articles about the latest news, as well as technology in general.

David K. Liu (@dvdkliu)

Last but not least we have David who is a Salesforce MVP, and a Technical Architect at Google. David has an amazing story in Salesforce, coming from an email marketing background through to being a self-taught architect. David also runs the well-known blog, SFDC99.

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