Salesforce Signs Agreement to Acquire Sequence LLC

By Eric Dreshfield

Another day, another acquisition for Salesforce. The pace of innovation is still faster the pace of acquisitions at Salesforce, but the gap appears to be narrowing. On January 24th, Jashojit “Jojo” Roy, CEO of Sequence posted a blog announcing that Salesforce has agreed to acquire Sequence. Just exactly who is Sequence?

Sequence was founded in 2005, they connect brands and people through design-driven transformation, creating customer experiences and building digital products. They accomplish this through customer experience, brand and content strategies. They also provide UI/UX design including prototyping and usability testing. They can help with journey mapping, web and mobile development. I think in today’s language; that makes them a digital service company.

Some milestones in the company history of Sequence:

  • 2008: Designed, named best brand building site of the year by Forrester
  • 2009: Created the first nationwide restaurant ordering app for iPhone for Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • 2011: Established a relationship with Apple
  • 2012: Opened a second studio in New York City
  • 2013: Designed retail service experience pilot programs for Best Buy
  • 2014: Established Heads Up! Gam development partner with The Ellen Show
  • 2016: Winner of the “A Bill You Can Understand” Design and Innovation Challenge at Health 2.0, sponsored by AARP in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


There’s not a lot of publicly available information about Sequence, and certainly with the status of the transaction with Salesforce, it might even be more difficult to gather any intel until after the deal closes.  My best guess is that Salesforce wants them for their UI / UX expertise as Salesforce continues to build out new offerings like Salesforce DX.

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