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Salesforce Announces New “Salesblazer” Community for Salespeople

By Ben McCarthy

Today, Salesforce have announced Salesblazer, a dedicated community for sales professionals to network, learn, and ultimately close more deals.

In recent research, nearly 70% of sales professionals say sales is harder than ever, with tightening budgets, inflation, and supply chain problems amongst some of the issues. Salesforce claim that Salesblazer will be the largest, and most successful community for sales professionals.

The Salesblazer Community

Salesforce has been a market and thought leader in the sales space since their founding in 1999, as a result, with more than 10 million sales professionals using Sales Cloud to close deals.

Whilst there are already some prolific Sales communities out there, such as RevGenius or Modern Sales Pros, Salesforce is attempting something slightly different. Salesblazer will tie into the Trailhead platform, to help sales professionals educate themselves and earn resume-worthy credentials.

In Salesforce’s own words “Salesblazer is a community that brings together learning, community, and content. It empowers all professionals to be successful in sales – from those aspiring to break into the field to top leaders”.

Salesblazer is broken down into the following 3 sets of resources:

  • Learn: Sales users will be able to access 55 new Trailhead badges, split into four new Trailmixes (learning paths). These will be dedicated towards sales reps, business development reps, sales leaders, and sales operations professionals. 
  • Connect: Through the Trailblazer Community, sales users will be able to network with one another, share knowledge, and coach. 
  • Grow: Salesblazer will also include resume-worthy credentials, which includes the “Sales Representative Certification”.

Salesforce is also teaming up with Dale Carnegie, the leading training and professional development organization. As well as using Trailhead content, the Sales Representative Certification, and other resources for the Salesblazer community.

The Rise of Communities

Online communities have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few years. These communities range from subreddits on, that sometimes have hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers, to Slack communities, such as MindTheProduct or Ohana Slack.

Data from consumer insights firm GWI states that in 2019, 76% of global internet users regularly share information across online forums, blogs, and/or vlogs. 

As opposed to some social media platforms, where users have a broad spectrum of interests, communities provide a safe space where users who all have a profession or interest in common, can come together and have meaningful conversations with one another.

Hopefully, the Salesblazer community won’t only help sales users network and learn, but also become more engaged with the platform they are using. Enabling them to think of the bigger picture, and how they can integrate their specific requirements into the larger platform strategy. 

From the looks of this quote, the Salesblazer community has already been beta tested, and users seem to love it!

“Salesblazer set my sales career on fire. With early access, I was able to connect with a community of incredible mentors and learn from new content to sharpen my communication skills and ultimately close more deals. Salesblazer is a wonderful network that helps sales professionals achieve personal and professional success in the industry, all while taking you to the top of the leaderboard.” – Terapan Lilittham, Account Manager, Residential Design

The Author

Ben McCarthy

Ben is the Founder of Salesforce Ben. He also works as a Non-Exec Director & Advisor for various companies within the Salesforce Ecosystem.

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