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By Ines Garcia

Knowing that 90% of the worlds data was generated within the last 12 months, when over two years ago that 90% was created in 24 months, it is telling us that we all capture and generate data faster than ever. Data by itself does not tell us anything, but a deep understanding of it does. Maybe this is the reason for the latest addition to the Salesforce family, recently announced, BeyondCore has been acquired by Salesforce this past Monday.

What is BeyondCore? A Californian based company founded in 2004, is a business intelligence and analysis company. They provide an enterprise analytics tool, this products offers a “one-click automated business analysis”, so within minutes it can explore millions of variable combinations and present the results.

BeyondCore Product

Upon the acquisition BeyondCore CEO, Arijit Sengupta, said “At the Gartner BI Summit earlier this year we decided to show off our integration into Salesforce, which would be part of our upcoming BeyondCore 7 release”, and according to his blog post on the 15th of August:  It is planned for them to join the Wave Analytics team.

Analyzing data with a “neutral” hat on is never easy: finding actual insights, automating the stats analysis, explaining the data visualized without personal particular view..The product that BeyondCore offers has some key core differentiators, from an animated brief that talks you through the key insights, to detecting the causes that underlines by each graphic that is presented to actual predicitive analysis – enabling to see what will happen.

Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO, tweeted yesterday announcing the news…

BeyondCore company has patented algorithms that combines machine learning and regression analysis so it can define mathematical relationships behind the data which can be running through millions of records.

Are you intrigued on the capabilities? Well, they actually offer a free trial, so this may be just the time to tackle this tool and begin to imagine the tip of the iceburg of what Salesforce could do with it!

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