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New Salesforce UE+: Your Complete Guide to Better Sales and Service

By Andreea Doroftei

Siloed applications and disjoined tech stacks can easily become a company’s worst nightmare. With so many products and services currently available on the market, seamless integration and a clear, straightforward buying process can make or break the overall experience.

Salesforce clouds, alongside other applications, saw massive growth and numerous changes over the past few years – with more and more functionality being bundled together, the Unlimited+ edition (UE+) fits right into this. In this article, we’ll go through the benefits and enhancements the UE+ bundle brings to your organization as of today!

Even More than Unlimited?

Following the launch of Sales Cloud Unlimited last year, Salesforce has certainly been busy looking for ways to not only bundle the most popular products into one single SKU, but also offer an end-to-end solution to satisfy multiple customers’ needs across multiple teams and processes – be they inside or outside of Salesforce!

Announced at Dreamforce ‘23, UE+ is the expected step forward towards the goal of a fully integrated product suite. It covers everything from features to help your organization plan, communicate, connect systems, and even train end users – all in one, unified offering. Bringing together the power of AI, data, and CRM right at your fingertips, leveraging out-of-the-box features towards an elevated customer experience has never been easier.

While everyone might have expected Data Cloud and Sales GPT to continue being included in Sales Cloud UE+, the addition of Sales Planning, Revenue Intelligence, and Slack was a pleasant surprise.

Source: Dreamforce ‘23 Sales Keynote
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UE+ for Sales and Service

Sales and Service Clouds are by far the most well-known Salesforce products, and over the years, the offerings for both of them have kept growing into fully established, almost plug-and-play solutions for even the most complex organizations.

  • Sales Cloud UE+ includes everything from the other Sales Cloud editions but with extra Data Cloud and Einstein credits, Sales Planning and Salesforce Maps, Enablement, Revenue Intelligence and, of course, Slack and Slack Elevate. All products contribute towards creating the ideal customer experience.
  • Service Cloud UE+ includes everything available in all the other Service Cloud editions, with the addition of Data Cloud, extra Einstein credits, Service Cloud Voice, Digital Engagement, Feedback Management, Self-Service, Slack, and CRM Analytics. With this combination of features, agents can resolve issues quicker, while generative AI search can easily empower customers to find all the answers they need.

UE+ for Your Industry

Generally available now, UE+ for Industries includes absolutely everything bundled in Sales and Service UE+, alongside industry-specific capabilities and data models to ensure a speedy return on investment and reduce implementation costs and duration.

  • Manufacturing Cloud UE+ for Sales will help organizations optimize and scale their operational processes from start to finish while maximizing internal productivity.
  • Health Cloud UE+ for Service offers real-time collaboration mechanisms and seamless access to information for healthcare organizations, alongside built-in intelligence, to enhance digital experiences for doctors, patients, and providers.
  • Financial Services UE+ for Sales and Financial Services UE+ for Service will help any financial institution easily scale and connect all of their key customer data into one platform, leveraging the power of AI to deliver personalized financial engagements.

Final Thoughts

If one of your new year goals is to scale your Salesforce processes while obtaining extra functionality all in one go, look no further! Even if your organization is an existing Salesforce customer or just getting started, UE+ might prove to be the bundle you’ve been waiting for to mitigate the risk of disconnected systems that may have prevented the start of your generative AI journey until now.

What are your thoughts on this brand-new Salesforce edition? Share with us in the comments section below!

The Author

Andreea Doroftei

Andreea is a Salesforce Technical Instructor at Salesforce Ben. She is an 18x certified Salesforce Professional with a passion for User Experience and Automation. 

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