How to Improve Salesforce for Higher Ed Using Web Forms

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Higher education institutions are realizing there are great returns to investing in the student journey. Students are making a considered, emotive purchase when enrolling in a course or degree program because it can determine their future. Collecting data is a huge driving force in building an engaging and consistent student journey—from the first request for information all the way through to graduation.

There are innovative ways data can be leveraged both by students to improve their study experience and advisors for significant productivity gains. As an admin, you have the power to make or break the student experience, depending on the way you configure your Salesforce processes.

We want to share three innovative ways to use Salesforce-connected web forms to improve student-facing processes – plus multiple use cases you can apply these tricks to across the student journey.

Want to see it in action? Coming soon – Salesforce Ben is teaming up with FormAssembly to showcase these tips. Join us on Thursday, October 22, 2020, at 11 a.m. EDT, to hear from Lucy Mazalon, Editor of Salesforce Ben, and Nitika Gupta, FormAssembly Account Executive, and what they learned from working closely with Salesforce and higher education organizations.

1. Create call scripts with one-click

Student journey stage: Prospective students

We’ll discuss how to create custom buttons or list options in Lightning that pull up web forms, allowing you to gather prospective student information quickly and efficiently.

Staff can connect web forms to Salesforce to prefill forms with Salesforce data and conveniently collect the data they need.

This capability can also be used for alumni relations, new contacts, and more.

2. Use Salesforce Communities for applications

Student journey stage: Applicants

Easily collaborate with students and staff by embedding customizable, on-brand application forms in Salesforce communities.

Application forms can be prefilled for a streamlined experience, while web-to-anything form integration makes it possible to create multiple records for any standard or custom object all in one form.

This can also be helpful for event registration, course evaluations, and more.

3. Forms embedded in Salesforce email templates

Student journey stage: Enrolled or deferred students

By embedding Salesforce-connected forms in email communication with students, staff will be able to automate processes and reduce manual work.

Schools can use web forms in Salesforce workflows to automatically send out surveys after closing cases, easily send follow-ups or additional information requests, and more. We are sure you will have your own ideas to take advantage of this trick!

About FormAssembly and Salesforce

FormAssembly is an all-in-one form builder and data collection platform with powerful Salesforce integration abilities. The platform makes it possible for organizations in all industries to save time, money, and resources on tedious Salesforce data entry. In the higher education space, staff at colleges and universities can use FormAssembly to build application forms, registration forms, and more while feeding data into Salesforce and streamlining processes for everyone on campus.

Because FormAssembly meets high standards of security and compliance, users are able to rest assured that all data stays protected. In addition to state-of-the art security measures, FormAssembly offers an extensive resource library, reliable customer support, a library of premade form templates for a variety of higher ed use cases, and free classes, workshops, and webinars to help take your form-building knowledge to the next level.

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