Guide to Using Salesforce Dynamic Picklists in Your Web Forms

By Rachel Skroback

As a Salesforce user, you’ve likely already built or at least heard of Salesforce picklists. In case you’re unfamiliar, a Salesforce picklist is an expandable menu made up of a field and a value set. Picklists give users a set of predefined options to choose from, and they can be helpful for a variety of different use cases when collecting data from customers.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to get even more out of this feature by using fields in your web forms that dynamically load options pulled from your Salesforce picklists. We call this FormAssembly feature Salesforce Dynamic Picklists.

What are Salesforce Dynamic Picklists – and how do they benefit you?

With Salesforce Dynamic Picklists, you can build Salesforce-connected web forms with custom drop-down menus or multiple-choice questions that pull options dynamically from picklists in Salesforce. When your picklists are dynamic, you’ll always have the most current Salesforce information in your web forms, without the hassle of continually going back to change static datasets. Salesforce Dynamic Picklists also allows you to perform live lookups to Salesforce based on the fields in your form.

Salesforce Dynamic Picklists In Action

Let’s say you’re planning an event for your organization that requires attendees to register and designate a meal preference. To get all of the info you’ll need for hosting the event, you’ve built a Salesforce-connected web form for attendees to fill out—that way all the registration data you’re collecting is populating into your Salesforce instance. You’ve built a Salesforce picklist of meal options for your attendees to select from. So far, so good. But, it gets better!

What if the meal options in your picklist are subject to change? 🤔 Enter Salesforce Dynamic Picklists. With Dynamic Picklists, your multiple-choice questions can pull the list of options from Salesforce dynamically when the form loads.

This means when you make changes to a picklist in Salesforce, the picklist will automatically update across all of your web forms. This tool frees you of all the time-consuming manual changes you’d otherwise have to make.

Dynamic Picklists can pull options from Salesforce picklist fields, and they can also pull options from Salesforce lookup results. When your web forms are configured with Salesforce, your Dynamic Picklists will always match up with the value sets in Salesforce, even if you’re using the same picklist across multiple forms. In other words, data collection just became much more efficient!

How to Set up Salesforce Dynamic Picklists

Here’s how to set up Salesforce Dynamic Picklists in your web forms:

  1. Start using FormAssembly Enterprise or Compliance Cloud.
  2. Add a drop-down menu field to your form.
  3. Click on the field and select “choices.”
  4. Click “Salesforce Dynamic Picklist.”
  5. Select your existing Salesforce authorization, or connect to a new account.
  6. Click “get choices” in the dropdown box, then select your choices source from:
    • Salesforce Picklist Field
    • Salesforce Object Lookup (Basic)
    • Salesforce Object Lookup (Advanced)
  7. Enjoy your new picklist!

Summary: How to get your hands on Salesforce Dynamic Picklists

Has a lightbulb gone off in your mind with ideas about how you could be using Salesforce Dynamic Picklists at your organization? 💡The possibilities are endless!

Learn more about FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration in our comprehensive guide to FormAssembly and Salesforce.

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