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By Jack McCurdy

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DevOps expertise is in high demand, and there’s no better time to level up your knowledge now that the only Salesforce DevOps community event is back! 

For the first time, you can join DevOps Dreamin’ virtually and participate in live sessions from the comfort of your own home. Tune in from anywhere to watch DevOps experts and community leaders, build your knowledge, and practice key skills to accelerate your DevOps career. Plus, when you sign up you’ll receive the recordings straight to your inbox, so no worries if you can’t join us on the day.

There are a variety of sessions available to stream, and some of the topics you’ll learn about include…

Migrating From Profiles to Permission Sets

The Salesforce platform changes quickly and it can feel like a scramble to stay ahead of the curve. With Salesforce set to retire permissions on profiles, many in the ecosystem will be feeling daunted. Thankfully, Andrew Cook (Salesforce Technical Trainer, Salesforce Ben) will be walking through how to successfully migrate to the new permissions model in his keynote talk.

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Improving Your DORA Performance

Google’s DORA metrics are great at measuring the speed and resilience of your current DevOps processes, but they don’t show you how to improve. To give you some key next-steps, Richard Clark (Chief Strategy Officer, Provar) will guide you through implementing automated testing in your DevOps workflow, so you can boost your DORA performance.

Mastering Version Control

Implementing version control is the first step for any DevOps process, allowing you to track changes made by your whole team. But merge conflicts can be a real blocker — stalling development across projects as you try to unpick them. Tune in to Andy Barrick’s talk (DevOps Architect, Gearset), for his top tips to avoid merge conflicts so you can master version control.

Building a Slick CI/CD Pipeline at Scale

Creating a CI/CD pipeline is a huge DevOps goal for many teams – it can drastically improve release frequency and minimize manual work, helping you deliver value to end users (and the business) faster. But, with a large number of users and huge amounts of changes moving each day, large teams face unique struggles when setting up their pipeline. 

Matt Jackson (Pipelines Team, Gearset) will explore the best practices for large teams implementing CI/CD, so you can succeed with your automation from the start.

Implementing DevOps Culture

Gathering the tooling and expertise for a DevOps process is only half the battle – you need cultural change and buy-in too. To help you reach DevOps success, Meri Williams (Chief Technology Officer, Pleo) will show you how to lead cultural change in your Salesforce team. 

Salesforce configurations can be complex, so it’s easy to rely on technical teams to make customizations. But, this stops your non-technical teams from engaging with the Salesforce development process or learning how to make their own changes. Sophie Crosby (Co-founder, Paso Consulting) will highlight how ‘clicks not code’ is the key to empowering non-technical teams and encouraging collaboration.

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Jack McCurdy

Jack is a Salesforce DevOps Advocate for Gearset, the leading DevOps solution for Salesforce.

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