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Free Certification in Salesforce DevOps at DevOps Dreamin’ London

By Charlotte Humberston

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DevOps Dreamin’ London is fast approaching. After a successful event earlier in the year, DevOps Launchpad is excited to announce that we’re bringing back the live training booth to offer free certifications in Salesforce DevOps.

DevOps Dreamin’ is being held at Glaziers Hall on Thursday, November 16, and is the largest community event for teams building on Salesforce. After a sell-out debut in Chicago in 2022, the event has gone from strength to strength, packing out a full schedule of talks and sessions from experts across the ecosystem.

What Certifications Can I Complete at DevOps Dreamin’?

DevOps Launchpad is the only training platform that specializes in DevOps for Salesforce, and the team will be on hand to help you get started on – or continue – your training journey. There are over 20 courses and learning tracks on offer, from the basics of Salesforce development to more complex topics like git branching strategies and Salesforce CPQ. 

The good news is that all of them are free of charge and accessible to everyone at DevOps Dreamin’ London, including: 

  • An introduction to Salesforce DevOps 
  • Version control fundamentals
  • Salesforce testing and test automation
  • Backups for Salesforce 

DevOps Launchpad also offers some specific certification tracks that have been specially created to walk you through a number of topics in an easy-to-digest order: 

  • Salesforce DevOps Fundamentals Certificate: This track is designed to give you practical knowledge to succeed with Salesforce DevOps and will guide you through all the fundamental topics – whether you’re just getting started, or you’re looking to brush up your skills. 
  • Salesforce DevOps Leadership Certificate: This course will help you master building and optimizing DevOps teams and processes as a DevOps Leader.
  • Gearset Academy: For those who are using Gearset, there is a whole host of learning content to help you get the most out of the complete DevOps solution – there’s everything from sandbox seeding and compliance to CPQ and backup. Work your way through all of the courses with Gearset open alongside to get to know the platform inside out! 

If the gift of knowledge isn’t enough, you’ll also walk away on the day with a personalized certificate and a bunch of exclusive swag! Don’t worry if you don’t get through all the courses you’d like to at the event, as you can continue learning at home in your own time and all your progress will be saved. 

Sessions to Complement Your Learning

Over the course of the day, there will be over 20 sessions from influential figures in the ecosystem (and beyond!). Some of the brilliant speakers and sessions include: 

  • Use Your Hobbies to Fuel your Salesforce Learning – Ellie Matthewman, LendInvest
    • How can you get experience when you can’t get it from your work? Find out how you can use your hobbies to help you build out your applications. 
  • DevOps Zero to Hero: How We Implemented DevOps at Payroc – Matt Bevins, Payroc
    • The Payroc team went from no official DevOps deployment process to having a fully automated pipeline where 10 environments have been kept in sync with over 7000 successful deployments. Find out what they did to find DevOps success. 
  • 5 Ways for Salesforce Teams to Avoid Merge Conflicts – Andy Barrick, Gearset
    • For teams using version control, merge conflicts are just a fact of life. In this session, Andy breaks down the main causes of merge conflicts, helps with ways to minimize their likelihood, and provides solutions to keep them at bay.
  • Question Everything – Aiden Harding, Nebula Consulting
    • Everyone must work in a separate sandbox. Everyone must use the same tooling. Source Control is the source of truth. Cultural buy-in is essential to success. We all know these things. But, do we? Aiden explores what we do and don’t truly know about DevOps.

To find out what other talks and sessions there will be on the day, keep an eye on the official schedule

Register Now to Become DevOps Certified

With exclusive insights from experts across the ecosystem, there’s no better place to expand your DevOps knowledge while gaining free certifications along the way.

If you need to grab your tickets, there’s still time, but be quick and register now as places are limited!

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