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Digital Sales Rooms for Every Sales Team [In-Depth Overview]

By Alyssa Lefebvre

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Collaborate in real-time to close deals faster and more efficiently!


  • Digital Sales Room: Collaborate with your prospect and sales team in one central location.
  • CPQ Pricing Tables: Easily integrate pricing tables from your CPQ solution into your proposals – there’s no need to send updated quotes as the table is automatically updated with any changes!
  • Document tracking: Track the status of your sales documents in real-time, including opens, views, and signatures!
  • eSignature: Quickly send documents for electronic signature – directly from Salesforce.
  • Automated workflows: Automate your sales process and improve rep productivity.
  • Analytics and reporting: Analyze and report on real-time data about your sales process.

What Is a Digital Sales Room?

A digital sales room is a virtual workspace that allows sales teams to collaborate with prospects and customers in a secure and centralized environment. With a digital sales room, sales teams can collaborate throughout the sales process, from the creation of a lead, through to closing an opportunity. Inside the digital sales rooms, users can share documents, presentations, and other content with their prospects and customers, allowing them to easily collaborate and engage with each other.

Some of the key benefits of using a digital sales room include:

  • Real-time conversations: Sales teams can work more effectively with prospects and customers, exchanging information and feedback in real-time.
  • Improved rep productivity: Sales teams can use the digital sales room to manage their sales process more efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to close deals.
  • Secure collaboration: The digital sales room provides a secure environment for sharing sensitive information, protecting both the sales team and the prospect or customer.
  • Data analytics: The digital sales room can be integrated with Salesforce’s reporting and analytics tools, allowing sales teams to gain insights into their sales process and make data-driven decisions.

Salesforce users have been using the platform to manage their sales process for years, but standard Salesforce functionality is lacking in certain areas of the process, such as the generation, negotiation, and signature of sales documents. Enter, GetAccept!


GetAccept has an extensive feature list, enabling sellers to take advantage of a multitude of tools. Read on to discover the top features of a digital sales room!

Sales Collateral Management

Historically, content management has been a real challenge for sales teams. Inevitably, documents that were once consistent across the company become downloaded and tweaked so much that they no longer resemble the original. This becomes a problem for organizations as customers and prospects expect a consistent and professional experience at every interaction point.

GetAccept makes it easy to manage all of your sales collateral, whether that’s proposal templates, whitepapers, product sheets, case studies… you name it! GetAccept makes it easy to keep all of your customer-facing content up to date, and because each GetAccept document is generated dynamically, the most up-to-date content is always included.

With GetAccept’s content library, sales reps are able to utilize the content as needed for their digital sales room. Sales reps can add content from a predefined list (that has been created and approved by the marketing team) to their proposal dynamically. This ensures a consistent experience for the customer as well as making it easy for sales reps to generate and customize their documentation. Perhaps the prospect or customer has just mentioned they’re evaluating a competitor? Sales reps can update the existing proposal document to include competitive information. That’s the beauty of a digital sales room!

Document Tracking & Analysis

Anyone who has ever worked in sales knows the pain of sending a prospect or customer an important document and waiting for a reply, especially when that document is a quote or order form! Without a document tracking tool, reps waste valuable time waiting for a reply, and will inevitably have to spend more time chasing the prospect or customer after a few days.

With GetAccept, sales reps know exactly what a customer has viewed (and for how long). It’s even possible to see if the customer has forwarded the document to others, which allows the sales rep to build a better picture of the buying process on the customer’s side. Perhaps the person you understood to be your economic buyer has just forwarded the proposal to their boss, who is the actual economic buyer. Sales reps can proactively reach out to the new contact, or ask their contact for an introduction, to start building those key relationships.

Not only does this give the sales rep better insight into what’s going on on the customer side, but it also enables their deal to close faster by connecting the right individuals to each other, in real-time, all inside the digital sales room.

Relationship Selling via Video

Back in 2020 we all had to get comfortable with virtual-only interactions virtually (no pun intended!) overnight. For some people’s job roles, this was an easy transition, but for others, this proved to be more challenging – especially if a large part of your role involved meeting your customers and prospects in person.

It’s no secret that it’s much easier to build a relationship with someone over lunch or dinner than it is over a phone call or email. Video calls significantly improve the ability to build a trusting relationship with someone you’ve never actually seen or met in person. Extending this theme to your sales proposals will improve trust with customers and prospects, therefore improving your chances of closing a deal with them.

By using GetAccept, sales reps can include a personalized video message as part of their proposal document directly from within Salesforce – letting their personality shine through at every stage of the sales process. Relationship selling is built on trust, and by including a video message with your sales proposal, you are improving the foundation of trust that you’ve already built during the sales process.

While it might take some getting used to, GetAccept customers who have adopted video messages see a higher win rate in their deals and a better level of engagement in the digital sales room.

Real-Time Chat

We all know the standard sales process for B2B sales – a sales rep from Company A sends over a proposal to their contact at Company B. Company B has an incredibly complex procurement process, and there is going to be a lot of back and forth. In a normal situation, this would likely end up going back and forth over email, with both the sales rep at Company A and contact at Company B being included in every message.

With GetAccept, this entire process is eliminated by using the real-time chat function in the digital sales room. It’s like being in an actual room with every key player in the deal from both sides.

Let’s say, the procurement rep at Company B wants to speak to the deal desk rep at Company A who can help improve the terms of the agreement. With GetAccept, once those individuals have been identified and added to the digital sales room, they can collaborate in real time via the chat without ever leaving Salesforce and redline terms & conditions there and then – without the need to go back and forth via email.

Collaborating in real time significantly reduces the sales cycle time – something every seller dreams of! Chats are all captured and stored in Salesforce, so you’ll never be out of the loop, and everything is securely documented for future reference if required.


Although eSignature is almost a standard issue piece of tech stack for any sales organization, choosing the right solution for your team can prove challenging. There are hundreds of tools on the market, and while they all do some form of eSignature, they tend to have differing levels of additional functionality. GetAccept is no exception, but the concept of eSignature through GetAccept is different in that it’s just one part of the digital sales room experience.

Signing on the dotted line is just one small part of the overall sales process – all of which has to be executed well to even get to the signature stage. GetAccept allows recipients to sign or reassign based on the needs of the business. It’s incredibly easy to adjust the signing order for recipients and create default internal signers, as well as viewers of the document and more.

White Glove Service

Features do not only have to refer to product features; how a company treats its customers after they sign is arguably just as, if not more, important as the actual features the tool has to offer. Implementation and ongoing support are both key to every customer’s success, and GetAccept understands that – this is why each customer is assigned a dedicated CSM to ensure they are getting as much return on their investment as possible.

GetAccept’s CSMs can work with your in-house Salesforce team (admins, developers, etc.) and/or an external consultancy to implement GetAccept. Regardless of the team that implements, your CSM will be by your side throughout the entire process. This is often an overlooked part of software purchasing, but it can mean the difference between a successful or failed implementation.

Use Cases

We’ve looked at some of the top features of GetAccept, so let’s dive into the use cases!

Dynamic Proposal Generation

Proposal generation is likely one of the most time-consuming aspects of any seller’s job. Proposals can range from a single quote document, all the way through to a complex and dynamic multi-page proposal highlighting key points about your product or service – complete with high-res graphics, case studies, and more. It’s no surprise that the more informative and professional your proposal is, the higher your win rates will be.

GetAccept offers a truly dynamic proposal experience. It allows admins to create predefined content using existing sales content which can be used in proposal documents, but users can also add in their own customizations, such as a video message or other pre-approved material like product sheets, case studies, mutual action plans, whitepapers, and more.

GetAccept proposals can include multiple pricing groups and pricing tables with information from a CPQ tool or standard Opportunity Products and display them in a clean and professional-looking way, without any unwanted white spacing or extra columns.

It’s extremely common for users to need to amend or adjust the quote based on the outcome of the negotiation with the buyer – more often than not, sales reps have to generate a new quote version and send it to the buyer for review. With GetAccept, every time a quote is changed, the dynamic proposal will reflect those changes immediately, meaning the buyer is always looking at the latest information.

GetAccept can update the pricing table based on complex logic if necessary, such as only updating the table when the quote has been approved, or not displaying product lines that should be hidden from the buyer (such as in a bundle scenario). Sales reps can also include the official quote document within the proposal if needed, along with the dynamic pricing table.

GetAccept-generated proposals are dynamic and responsive so recipients can view quotes and sales content on their laptop, tablet, and mobile sans formatting issues and the need to open PDFs and zoom in.

If needed, users can also include additional attachments, such as a quote output document from a CPQ tool which may need to be included alongside the other material.

Having predefined content available in the content library allows users to include material that is relevant to their prospect, so that the proposal hits all the right notes, each and every time. This leads to higher win rates and overall efficiency in the team, as users aren’t starting from scratch every time they generate a proposal.

GetAccept proposals are sent out via a link to prospects and customers. This means that when information in Salesforce changes, such as updates to the pricing, it is published to the same GetAccept proposal link. This, in turn, means that the proposal always reflects the latest edits, even after sending the document to the prospect, which comes in handy during the negotiation process and ensures everyone is always working with the same information.

Sales Process Automation

With GetAccept, sellers can experience an automated sales process. Based on the various sales stages, GetAccept has pre-built Salesforce Flows which can be used to update sales stages, update fields, and more. For example, once a user sends out a proposal through GetAccept, the sales stage can be automatically updated to reflect this, reducing the amount of clicks for the rep. As every admin knows, reducing any amount of clicks in a process is worthwhile, as they all add up across the system!

It’s no surprise either that systems with high levels of automation are more widely adopted, as they make life easier for the user, rather than increasing their workload. Ensuring deals are up to date is also a key part of being able to accurately forecast deals each quarter, so by having a tool that’s keeping deals up to date automatically, you can be confident when committing deals to your forecast.

Flows can also be set up to collect information from the buyer automatically such as information that’s required to bill a customer like Tax Identification Number, VAT Number, legal entity name and address, and more, which is usually either requested via phone or email and entered into Salesforce by hand. With GetAccept this process can be automated, ensuring the CRM always has the correct information and streamlining the sales process.

Truly Collaborative Selling

Truly collaborative selling is not easy to achieve. The sales landscape has changed dramatically in the digital age, and the pandemic has only accelerated the shift from in-person selling to online selling. This shift has meant that companies have needed to adopt new ways of interacting with their buyers, and GetAccept’s digital sales room is the collaborative selling experience of the future.

We mentioned in the features section about real-time chat and video messaging – two key components to a truly collaborative experience. How much time is wasted during back-and-forth negotiation with a prospect, simply because the parties that should be connected are not?

Moreover, as globalization increases, oftentimes prospects and sellers are not in the same time zone, leading to even longer delays. GetAccept allows buyers, sellers, and other important parties to connect directly to each other through the platform. This means if your prospect asks for a bigger discount or for the payment terms to be changed, colleagues on the selling side who have the ability to approve these changes are able to reply immediately, without the sales rep being the middleman.

Video messages also increase the collaborative selling experience as they allow reps to add that personal touch to their proposals – they can even ask their executives to record a personalized message for their prospect. Imagine the impact that could have!

Scalable Sales Personalization

Carrying on from the previous use case of collaborative selling, GetAccept makes it easy to personalize content across your sales teams, and to scale this as your team grows. It’s easy for users to record a short video message for each deal, but they can also create more generic videos and content that can be reused multiple times for even greater efficiency.

Because reps aren’t having to spend as much time generating proposals from scratch and manually updating their Salesforce like before, they can use the time saved to make offers more personal to the buyer and include messaging that will resonate with them.

As you can imagine, when a buyer feels like they’ve really been heard and that their needs have been addressed, they are far more likely to buy from your business over another. We mentioned earlier how important relationship selling is, and GetAccept is the platform where relationship selling can happen with ease.

Improving Salesforce Adoption

Last, but certainly not least for our use cases with GetAccept is improved Salesforce adoption. As mentioned earlier, it’s no surprise that when processes are made easier for a user, they are far more likely to adopt a new tool. As every Salesforce admin/product owner/architect/consultant knows, Salesforce adoption is no easy task! It takes the right balance of system architecture, user experience design, automation, and training to get a high adoption rate of Salesforce.

GetAccept’s pre-built flows help to automate processes in Salesforce, such as automatically changing the opportunity stage based on what’s happening with the proposal – is it out for signature, has it been signed? When the system is up to date, it also makes life easier for sales managers to forecast accurately without having to interrogate their sales reps as to what’s happening with each deal. All of this automation improves the adoption and return on investment of Salesforce.

Not only do Salesforce Flows help to improve adoption, all of the features covered in this article are natively integrated in Salesforce, such as video chat, Digital Sales Room, content management and reporting all help to improve overall adoption of Salesforce. When users are able to manage their entire sales process within a single tool like Salesforce, it’s more likely for users to adopt that tool because it’s where they spend the majority of their time and they’re more efficient, meaning they can manage more deals and close existing deals faster!


Close Deals Faster

Due to the fast-paced world we find ourselves living in, creating a unique experience for customers and prospects at every point in the sales cycle is crucial to winning deals. GetAccept makes it easy to curate this unique and personal experience for buyers, while enabling sellers to close more deals, faster.

Content Improvement

With GetAccept’s document analytics, it’s easy to see where recipients are spending their time inside a proposal – and, crucially, where they’re not. Users can use these analytics to ensure they are sending the most relevant content to the prospect or customer, and with the dynamic proposal creation feature, they can also remove or swap content if it’s not resonating with the recipient.

Increase Salesforce ROI

We talked above about improving Salesforce adoption by introducing a tool like GetAccept that makes users’ lives easier, and overall this equates to an increased return on investment in Salesforce.

By keeping users in a single tool, it’s more likely they will adopt the tool and improve the data within it, rather than entering the bare minimum because they view it as just one of many tools they use to do their job. Tool fatigue is a very real problem in sales teams; it’s estimated by Salesforce that sellers have to use an average of 10 tools to do their job. Reducing the number of tools required will help sellers focus on using a smaller number of tools well.

In addition to reducing the number of tools required for a sales rep to close a deal, deal handovers become seamless with GetAccept. Salesforce is usually billed as the “single source of truth” for sales data, however we all know there is always data locked away in emails, text messages, and other forms of communication that aren’t always added to Salesforce.

With GetAccept helping reps update their information in Salesforce, and with the digital sales room allowing collaboration in real time, deal handovers can be done quickly and easily before a rep goes on vacation, parental leave, or when a deal is signed an handed over to the professional services team and/or CSM team. This in turn creates a much better user experience for the prospective buyer as the people interacting with them will be up to speed and the buyer won’t feel like there is a disconnect within the business.


Setting up GetAccept is very simple, and the team have put together step-by-step guides to help users get started quickly!

Salesforce Admins first need to create a listener URL, and once that’s created, the managed package can be installed. As always, install for admins only and then assign permissions to users as required once the setup is complete.

After installing the package, you will need to grant permissions to the listener URL that you set up previously. Once the permissions have been assigned to the listener, the admin can start to add the GetAccept integration to the relevant Lightning Record Pages – most likely the Opportunity, Contact, and Account pages.

Admins will then need to connect the GetAccept entities through the Setup tab in the GetAccept app. The setup can be done very quickly and it’s recommended for admins to do the setup in their partial or full copy sandbox before installing Production, as per release management best practices.

Installation is quick and easy as with any native application, and admins can set up test data, create contracts and test out digital sales rooms the very same day in their sandbox, before fully testing and releasing to production on their normal release schedule. The step-by-step setup guide can be accessed here.

There is further setup required for the pricing tables and flows which GetAccept have – again – created detailed step-by-step guides for:


GetAccept have a very transparent pricing page on their website – you can see the various pricing options available here. Enterprise users will need to contact GetAccept to get a quote to meet their specific needs.


In summary, GetAccept is a great addition to your sales tech stack; with its many features, such as content management, document tracking and analysis, and eSignature, it offers multiple features that are critical to closing deals faster.

Reach out to the GetAccept team for a demo to see how you can improve your sales content and increase personalization today!

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