Creating Dummy Data in Salesforce

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Have you ever created a new Developer Org, or spun up a new Sandbox, only to realize that you are going to need a lot of data to test out some functionality?

I’ve had this problem more times than I can count, going through the painful process of creating records 1 by 1. This is not only frustrating but a waste of time in the grand scheme of things (also, why is it so hard to think of random names when you are forced to?!). Luckily, I decided to use my old friend Google to find something that could generate data in mass that I could later import. I landed on the amazing tool, Mockaroo.


Mockaroo isn’t a tool developed for the Salesforce ecosystem, but a tool designed for anyone to generate fake, but realistic data, in mass. You will see when you go to the site, the interface is super simple, you can choose your field names, choose the type of data you want to include, as well as apply filters or custom formulas.

In fact, Mockaroo has over 143 types of data. This ranges from standard fields such as First Name, Company, Email, to some pretty fun data types such as Car Make, Movie Title, or even Bitcoin Address. So if you have a custom object you are trying to generate some random data for, this is perfect.

Generating Account & Contact Data

Generating Account, Contact & Lead data is pretty straight forward, some default fields will already be filled in, but you can simply search for as many fields as you like to populate. I always think that demos look a lot more impressive if records are fully populated with data, so fill your boots!

Once you’ve selected all the fields you need, simply click “Download Data” and the CSV will be downloaded to your computer.

Generating Opportunity Data

Generating Opportunity data is also very straight forward, but you get to have a bit of fun with the custom field types. As this isn’t a Salesforce tool, you will have to enter the field names and choose the corresponding field types for all of the required fields on an Opportunity (Name, Close Date, Stage & Amount), as well as some other fields to give the record a bit of color. See the below as an example…

Final Thoughts

  • If you are generating data for multiple imports, e.g. Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities. You will need to import the parent first (Accounts), and then provide the parent ID’s of the Accounts to the other records.
  • Remember that this isn’t a tool created by Salesforce, so you will sometimes just have to choose field types that have a close resemblance (Like using a Grocery Product for the Opportunity name above).
  • If you want your Data Loading tool to automatically map the columns in the Excel to the correct field in Salesforce, ensure that the field name you provide in Mockaroo is the same as in Salesforce.
  • You have a limit of 1,000 rows generated by the free version of Mockaroo, which should be sufficient for most demos or sandboxes.
  • You can access Mockaroo via a Developer API, check this out here.

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