Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Mock Exam Questions


Demonstrate your knowledge on email marketing best practices using the Marketing Cloud Email application (Email Studio).

An essential certification before progressing further on the Marketing Cloud certification pathway.

  • 40 Multiple Choice Questions,
  • 90-minute time limit,
  • If a checkbox is present, more than one answer is required,
  • 65% is the official passing score.

The exam will test your knowledge on:

  • Subscriber Lists and Data Extensions,
  • Data import data into Marketing Cloud,
  • Segmentation tools (apply to subscribers and data),
  • Marketing unsubscribe/subscription management solutions,
  • Marketing automation solutions – recommending the best SFMC option,
  • Email Campaigns: email messaging, deploying campaigns, managing content, sending options, A/B testing, responsive design,
  • Email reporting metrics, running ad hoc and automated reports in Marketing Cloud,
  • Legal compliance, deliverability (high-level understanding),
  • Subscriber acquisition methodologies,
  • Approvals