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dgKrP5357a0c5a7fa1_brisk-logoBrisk is a free Chrome extension that has been created for anyone that uses Salesforce. It has been designed for the fast paced world we live in and can make sense of the huge
amount of data that is available to you. Brisk sits neatly at the side of Chrome and can plug into your Salesforce & Gmail Data giving you amazing insights that are just not available anywhere else.

I discovered Brisk around a year ago and even featured it in my Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions post. The initial reasons I loved it was because it was clean,  you could update Salesforce from the sidebar and it gave you one quick screen to view your Salesforce updates (e.g. New Leads, New Cases, Overdue Opps etc). Since then, the guys over at Brisk gave me a tour around their product and what I had been missing out on using, they have even just introduced Gmail integration as too. That means insights from Gmail + Salesforce all into Brisk.

“Brisk enables you to work efficiently in this fast paced world we live in”- Hampus Jakobson (CEO)

Brisk Cards

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 21.33.32

Brisk Primarily uses a “card” based system to alert you to relevant topics that are specific to your job role. On installation, Brisk will intelligently scan your Salesforce & Gmail instances and create personalised cards that are relevant to you. If you work in Support as opposed to Sales, you will not see irrelevant Opportunity information and vice versa.

As you can see from the screenshot to your right, the cards are neatly displayed within the brisk sidebar and can be expanded as needed. Here is a quick overview of what some of the cards mean..

Opps Stuck in Stage – Pretty self explanatory, this will highlight opportunities that have not moved stage in X amount of time. This can be set as you see fit for each stage.

People Awaiting Reply – Getting some information from your Gmail account now, Brisk highlights people you have not yet responded to.

Non-Responding people – Brisk will also show you people that have not responded to you, making sure you chase them up if it is important.

People to Add to Salesforce – Brisk will scan Gmail & Salesforce, alerting you to any people you have emailed that are currently not in Salesforce. Then you can directly add these people are Leads/Contacts.

The magic doesn’t stop there though. Within each card you can update relevant information to Salesforce, sync email logs to contacts, dismiss alerts that aren’t relevant and of course, set up new cards that may have more relevance to your job role.

CEO InterviewScreen Shot 2015-06-30 at 23.08.11

I was lucky enough to be given a talk and tour around Brisk by the CEO & Co-founder at Brisk, Hampus Jakobsson. Hampus explained that Brisk was born to help CRM users make sense of all this data they were accumulating on multiple systems. After the meeting I have now integrated Brisk into the way I work with complete ease, the insights it can give you without you telling it ANYTHING are truly amazing. I picked out a few key questions that I thought would give readers of this review an insight into the product.

What can free users expect from Brisk?
It’s a system that helps you to stay on top of your leads + opps + cases + emails + meetings (as well as logging the two latter). With the paid system you can leverage the rest of your company’s infrastructure and tools + custom objects and processes.


What is some of the best feedback you’ve received from customers?
When Evernote said “Brisk tells you what need the most attention and what to do next, based on data.”


What is your favourite feature of Brisk?
Actually it is that it can be tailored to perfection – that has been the hardest part and what also gives the best result for our users.

Brisk is a seriously cool App that is the future of how we interact with multiple systems, keep on top of all our “To Do’s” and instantly impresses on install. Give it a go today!

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