Become a B2B Solution Architect: Take the First Steps!

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Salesforce have released B2B Solution Architect “Learning Expeditions”, a set of training modules that guide budding Solution Architects to upskill and prepare for the real-world demands expected of Salesforce Architects. 

Following the Salesforce B2C Solution Architect Certification launch at the tail-end of 2020, no doubt many Trailblazers were wondering why the B2B equivalent hadn’t made an appearance. Well, the B2B Solution Architect journey starts now, with the B2B Solution Architect “Learning Expeditions” an exciting addition to the Solution Architect journey.

Before we go any further – the Learning Expeditions and Learning Labs only available to partners (you must have access to the Partner Learning Camp). If you don’t have access, read on to find other free resources available to get you started. 

The Salesforce Solution Architect – a Brief History 

The Solution Architect role has been on the rise in line with the demand for skilled professionals that can look at the wider picture (multi-cloud) when approaching a Salesforce project.

Anyone familiar with the Salesforce Architect remit will know that these roles, with all their nuances, cannot be learned from pure study alone. Becoming a Salesforce Architect is part experience, part deep knowledge of best practice – part instinct, to some degree

Tasked with Solution Architect enablement, it’s safe to say the Architect Success Team had their work cut out putting together a curriculum to prepare Solution Architects for B2C and B2B customer use cases. 

Becoming a B2B Solution Architect

You’ll be climbing what Salesforce calls “T-Ruth Mountain” (named after Ruth, the elephant),  from foundational courses, to covering sales, commerce, and more:  

More details on the courses are available in this PDF (page 25 onwards).

B2B Solution Architect Training: “Learning Expeditions”

Reaching the summit of “T-Ruth Mountain” can seem daunting, considering the scope of the Salesforce platform you’ll need to cover, and all the architectural considerations to absorb.   

To help you on your way, there are 16Learning Expeditions”, guided “B2B Solution Architect Curriculum courses that fulfill what you hope to accomplish in skilling up on certain clouds or use cases.”

1 Learning Expedition = 1-4 Partner Learning Camp courses

The Learning Expeditions are outlined in this handy PDF, including links to the Partner Learning Camp. 

The Learning Expedition overviews follow the format ‘If you know [this Salesforce Cloud] and want to learn [that Salesforce Cloud]’, for example, ‘If you know B2B Commerce and want to learn Service Cloud’. 

What are “Learning Labs”?

Learning Labs are hands-on training sessions that complement the Learning Expeditions. You can find the 8 Learning Labs outlined on the infographic. Again, these are available to anyone with access to the Partner Learning Camp.  

Salesforce B2B Solution Architect – Get Started

Head on over to the Partner Learning Camp to Learning Expeditions and sign up for the Learning Labs. Find quick access to the Learning Expeditions in this PDF.

What if you don’t have access to the Partner Learning Camp? For Trailblazers who don’t have access, and want to get a taste of what it takes to become a B2B Solution Architect, check out Shoby’s Trailmix, publicly available on Trailhead. 

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