Salesforce Developer Career Path Infographic

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Embarking along your journey of becoming a Salesforce Technical Extraordinaire is a wise move, as programming in Apex and Visualforce is one of the hottest, in-demand technical skills out there.

You will learn how to build custom applications on the platform when studying for your Developer exam, acquire the skills necessary to manage complex client requirements and  gain the aptitude to push technical boundaries in order to ensure business success.


This infographic has been created to give technical Salesforce professionals a clear career development plan, starting with aspiring coder’s right up to CTO level.

The information in this infographic was put together by Salesforce Ben, Lucy Mazalon and the guys over at MC Partners Cloud, a disruptive search firm based in the UK and US. For further information or advice on how to develop your Salesforce career feel free to drop us an email on [email protected].

Salesforce Career Progression FINAL copy

7 thoughts on “Salesforce Developer Career Path Infographic

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    It’s interesting that many of the bloggers to helped clarify a few things for me as well as giving.Most of ideas can be nice content.The people to give them a good shake to get your point and across the command .

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    The Developer path diagram is really nice. But I have a suggestion. It shows a computer science or programming background as necessary to start down this path. Not true. It could discourage people without this type of background from ever going down this path.

    I am an instructor for, and we take people into the ADM 231 “Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Cod” with no background, and off they go.

    If you added that to the “Entry Level” area, it would give those without a programming background hope that they could do this. Because they can.

    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Jeff, thanks for your comments. This is meant to be used as a sample common developer path. It’s true that the majority of developers come from computer science degrees or similar, but it’s also true that the minority come from all range of different backgrounds. It’s hard to cater for all in this one infographic.

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    This is nice. If I am not wrong, as you move up to Level 3, It’s not just Salesforce. You should know other related technologies as well. I would love to see a similar path for Analyst Role.

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