Unmissable DreamTX Sessions for Solution Architects (and Aspiring Architects!)

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It’s been an exciting year for Salesforce Architects. The persistently high demand for their skills led Salesforce to launch Solution Architect learning journeys with more announcements to come.

DreamTX is happening all over the world, virtually. To cap off Dreamforce to You, the 4 days of DreamTX will bring together everything we love about Dreamforce – learning, innovation, and be prepared to see some surprise guests, too!


This has been the first year that Dreamforce has been held virtually (and for free!) meaning that all sessions are accessible to every Trailblazer – you only need to register.

This makes it a perfect opportunity for both current and future Salesforce Architects to learn more about this exciting (and often quite mysterious) career path.

Here are 3 sessions we think are unmissable – add the sessions to your Dreamforce To You agenda by visiting the respective session page.

Fueling Architect Success: A Multi-Cloud Journey

Thursday, December 17th, 10am PST – 10:20am PST

“Architect Success is Customer Success. Architects play a critical role helping customers realize their digital transformation goals. Join us to learn more about the Architect Success Program, “designed by architects for architects” A program focused on enabling, engaging and empowering Architects with new architects career paths, multi-cloud learning (B2C & B2B) & credentials.”

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Grow Your Career: Become a Solution Architect

Thursday, December 17, 11:20 PM – 11:40 PM CST

“More than ever, Salesforce admins, developers, and architects serve as multipliers, generating value for their companies by bridging the gap between business requirements and technology. Salesforce is expanding the Architect community with our new B2C Solution Architect Certification. Take the first step in your Architect journey and join us to learn how your communication, leadership, and Salesforce skills can place you on the path to becoming a B2C Solution Architect today.”

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The Partner Journey to B2C Solution Architect

Thursday, December 17, 11:20 PM – 11:40 PM CST

“This episode will take partners through the journey to become a B2C Solution Architect. Our experts will take a close look at what’s available in the Partner Learning Camp and share some precious tips to make this certification a success.”

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