4 Free Apps for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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No doubt that you are aware of the Salesforce AppExchange, the app marketplace for the Salesforce platform. Some apps are tailored to a specific Salesforce product, like Marketing Cloud. If you wish to extend the functionality of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment, you’re in luck.

Let’s take a look into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud section of the AppExchange, highlighting the four Marketing Cloud apps you can install, for free!

1. Deployment Manager for Marketing Cloud

Deployment Manager allows you to export campaign configuration from one Marketing Cloud business unit, and then import that configuration into a separate Marketing Cloud one. You can also export campaigns across Salesforce Marketing Cloud accounts.

You can use the app to streamline your lifecycle management processes and quickly promote campaigns up the pipeline.

The ability to create templates makes migration and onboarding of new accounts easier. It allows creating industry and company-specific configurations which can be deployed to multiple accounts.

You can move faster by distributing campaign configuration to other accounts.

(screenshots of Deployment Manager for Marketing Cloud, source: AppExchange)

2. Eventable Calendar Marketing: Events, Notifications, Analytics

This tool helps you to send calendar notifications to your customers. It will help your brand to stay at the top of mind of your customers. You can integrate it with Journey Builder to send events. You can set up the notifications to send directly from Journey Builder.

You can use customizable “Add to Calendar” buttons that can be embedded anywhere. These buttons work with everything from Google to Outlook calendar. You can also enable Email Capture to collect individuals’ contact information before they add it to the calendar.

Lastly, sync your Eventable events, subscribers, and event engagement data using Data Extensions.

(screenshots of Eventable Calendar Marketing: Events, Notifications, Analytics By Eventable, source: AppExchange)

3. Query Studio

*listing became private, can’t be found in the overview on AppExchange*

This free app allows you finer editing of your SQL queries in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. If you ever tried to create segments in SFMC, you have encountered SQL queries. You can make them in Automation Studio; however, it’s not that convenient to write the code in the window dedicated to it. So the solution when you’re writing a big piece of code is to leverage Query Studio. In this app, you can see the results on the screen, test, and make changes to your query. It will highlight the mistakes in the code when you’re writing it and you can validate your results in the query.

The downside of the Query Studio is that it lacks a debugging feature, which means that if your syntax is incorrect, the app won’t pick it up.

Overall, it’s a great alternative to writing the code within Automation Studio, but it still lacks certain features to make it a perfect SQL query editor.

(screenshot of Query Studio, source: sfmarketing.cloud)

4. DESelect Search

This app is a search engine to find objects in Salesforce Marketing Cloud faster and easier. You can search for various objects using this tool, for instance, all Content Builder objects, mobile app push notifications & mobile messages, automations, data extensions, query activities, classic emails, classic email templates, data filters.

Using this search app, you can find objects across all Salesforce Marketing Cloud platforms or limit results to find the things only in your current business unit.

It’s a handy tool that allows you to save time on finding the right objects in folders and focus more on the actual campaign creation.

It’s important to keep in mind that before downloading any of the apps as a Marketing Cloud Admin you need to decide who’s going to use them and who shouldn’t have access to these tools. A marketplace for Salesforce Marketing Cloud apps grows quite fast, and there are many paid apps out there that can streamline your marketing capacities and improve your ROI. So definitely check out this section of AppExchange too.

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  1. Hi there, thanks but Eventable is not a free app. The connector with eventable app is free if you’re already an eventable customer. And Eventable is paid.

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